Rising Association Between Beauty and Quality of Life to Drive Growth

The radio frequency beauty equipment market is expected to drive robust growth as studies and public perception continue to drive association between beauty and quality of life. Conventionally, beauty is often associated with getting the best suitor for women in marriages. Moreover, new studies also point towards the fact that beauty contributes to higher self-esteem and higher quality of life. This is apparent in studies wherein candidates with similar resumes are voted based on perceptions and individuals with better looks have often come out on top. Moreover, advertisements driven by social media are also expected to drive this association as social media influencing becomes a key driver for growth in the market. Major cosmetic companies like L’Oreal have announced a complete shift to social media influencing strategy as the perception of beauty continues to be driven by peers, good quality of products, and positive reinforcement.

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Growing FDA Approvals for RF-Based Treatment to Drive Growth

The FDA plays an instrumental role in safety and possible commercialization of devices. In 2019, the FDA approved a pain-relieving radio-frequency based device for patients. The approval is in line with approval of RF-based treatments which are now considered safe in the US. The recent device uses heat in a similar way to beauty equipment but in a more critical area of pain treatment. The generated heat reduces skin stiffness and is ready for large-scale commercialization. The growing demand for beautification treatments, the streamlining of approval process, and positive reception of RF technology for beauty treatments are expected to drive growth. Moreover, the RF treatments in the approved device was approved as it had shown to lead to more blood circulation, something critical for skin rejuvenation and beautification. The rising demand for beautification products, growing concerns about safety, and growing FDA approval are expected to create significant opportunities for players in the radio frequency beauty equipment market.   

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Increased Beauty Consciousness to Fuel Radio Frequency Beauty Equipment’s Sales

San Francisco, California, Oct 25, 2017: A new market study by TMR Research states that the global market for radio frequency beauty equipment has been observing a considerable rise in its valuation and is expected to remain doing so over the next few years. The research report, titled “Radio Frequency Beauty Equipment Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” offers a detailed and unbiased assessment of this market on the basis of its current and historical performance. The prominent trends, market boosters, barriers, challenges, opportunities, and the potential for growth in this market have also been evaluated while performing this research.

According to the report, the global radio frequency beauty equipment market is witnessing a tremendous rise, thanks to the increasing uptake of advanced radio frequency beauty technologies, which act as efficient alternatives to the conventional methods of enhancing the beauty and appearance. Apart from this, the rising preference for minimally invasive beauty therapies is also encouraging medical equipment manufacturers to produce radio frequency beauty equipment, which is leading to a high growth of this market.

The augmenting prevalence of skin related infections and other issues continues to be the main factor behind the rise of the global market for radio frequency beauty equipment. The damages that skin issues do to the aesthetic appearance of an individual is driving consumers to look for efficient beauty treatments, which, consequently, is acting in the favor of this market and is anticipated to remain doing so over the forthcoming years, stats the research report.

The report broadly assesses the worldwide market for radio frequency beauty equipment on the basis of its reach across North America, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Latin America. Leading this market is the North America region, with the increasing employment of radio frequency beauty techniques in the film and television, and the fashion industries in North America. This regional market is anticipated to remain on the top over the next few years, thanks to the rising skepticism over the invasive surgeries, driving consumers towards radio frequency beauty techniques significantly.

Asia Pacific is also expected to contribute noticeably towards the expansion of the global market for radio frequency beauty equipment, thanks to a substantial number of beauty care centers mushrooming in this region and the gradual acceptance for the latest technologies in beauty treatment segment. Japan is projected to surface as the leading consumer of radio frequency beauty equipment in this region over the forthcoming years on account of its cultural fascination with healthy and flawless skin, reports the market study.

The research report also provides an exhaustive analysis of the competitive landscape prevalent in the worldwide market for radio frequency beauty equipment by reviewing the profiles of the key vendors of radio frequency beauty equipment across the world, such as Syneron Medical Ltd., Alma Lasers, Lumenis, IBRAMED, Dermeo, Cynosure Inc., and Cymedics. It further presents the assessment of the prime business development strategies of these participants, followed by their market share, annual revenues, and unique selling points (USPs), in an effort to identify the hierarchy among them. The leading players in this market are focusing aggressively on the production of radio frequency beauty equipment, which are technologically advanced and minimizes the complications during the treatment procedures, notes the study.

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