Everything You Want to Know About the Global Pulse Flour Market

San Francisco, California, Oct 17, 2018: A recent report, titled, “Pulse Flour Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” added by TMR Research to their vast repository, forecasts the market to bode well mainly due to a high demand for this flour owing to its high nutritional value. The report serves as a promising insight to all new as well as existing businesses interested in the market.

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With a rapidly changing culinary industry, many people now prefer alternative raw materials used in recipes. And as pulse flour is one such material that is highly preferred in recent times due several associated advantages, the global pulse flour market is expected to surge ahead at an impressive pace. Moreover, many consumers are getting aware about the importance of a protein-rich and gluten-free diet to maintain health. And as these conditions are readily fulfilled by pulse flour, the associated market is foretold to witness a splendid presence in the near future. In addition, many manufactures are focusing highly on research and development of their products, mainly from the perspective of improving the product quality.

However, the global pulse flour market is majorly restricted owing to fluctuation of raw materials for production processes as well as shortage of the final product in remote regions. Nonetheless, most players are tackling this scenario as best as possible to reduce effects of most restraints affecting the market.

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The global pulse flour market depicts the presence of a highly competitive and expansive vendor landscape, mainly due to the presence of a substantial number of players. Apart from extensive research and development, the manufacturing companies are implementing strategies such as participating in partnerships and expanding their geographical reach too. Ingredion Incorporated, Best Cooking Pulses Inc., Harvest Innovations, and Diefenbaker Seed Pocessors, Ganesh Grains Ltd., are key players operating in the global pulse flour market.

Pulse Flour Market Significant advantages over wheat flour 2025

Global Pulse Flour Market: Snapshot

With the increasing usage of pulse flour as an essential ingredient of functional food, the global pulse flour market is witnessing a substantial surge in its size and valuation. Although the future of this market looks thriving, the limited applicability of pulse flour may hamper its progress in the years to come.

Various types of pulse flour, especially made of pea, lentils, chickpea, and several other legumes, are found commercially across the world. The demand for chickpea flour has been higher than other types of pulse flour. Thanks to presence of various nutritional elements, such as sodium, selenium, potassium, iron, and magnesium, the trend is likely to continue in the years to come. Apart from this, the increasing awareness regarding the benefits of chickpea flour consumption, such as controlling diabetes, obesity, coronary heart diseases, and cancer, is also expected to fuel its demand over the forthcoming years.

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Majorly, pulse flour finds high demand in the food and beverages, dairy, and the bakery and snacks industries. Among these, the bakery and snacks industry has emerged as the key contributor to the demand for pulse floor across the world. Researchers anticipate this trend to remain so over the next few years.

Global Pulse Flour Market: Overview

The global pulse flour market is rising due to several favorable reasons. Pulse flour is increasingly used as a functional food item and is obtained from the hull of pulses such as lentils, chickpea, pea, and other legumes. This is because pulses have low fat, high fiber, and low glycemic index. Moreover, pulses exhibit significant advantages over wheat flour and rice. Moreover, pulses can be mixed with rare elements such as potassium, selenium, and sodium to obtain fortified product variants.

The pulse flour market can be analyzed with respect to application, product, and geographical reach.

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Global Pulse Flour Market: Trends and Opportunities

The increasing awareness among consumers about the importance of protein-rich diet for good health in the long run is expected to slow down consumption of wheat flour and rice, thereby positively influencing the growth of the pulse flour market. The increasing vegetarian population across the world is augmenting the demand for pulse flours.

The gluten-free nature of pulse flour and its ability to enhance the texture and shelf-life of food is likely to boost the market’s growth. The consumption of gluten-free foods is on the rise to boost innate immune response and for the treatment of joint pain.

Extensive research by product manufacturers over the past few years for newer applications of pulse flour such as animal feed and fortified foods is further augmenting the market’s growth. Product manufacturers have also been engaged in pulse refining techniques of new pulse varieties. This is expected to further bolster the market’s growth.

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Bakery and snacks account for a major share of the global pulse flour market. This is because common pulses when combined with flour for making bread is attracting consumers for a new taste and enhanced nutritional value of the end product. Pulse flour easily substitutes other flours in bread without altering the taste much, which is expected to drive the demand for this commodity in the future.

Lentil pulse flour is expected to account for a substantial revenue to the overall market in the coming years. This is because due several foodstuffs are reformulated with lentil flour to increase their protein content.

Global Pulse Flour Market: Regional Overview

Europe stood as the largest market for pulse flour in the recent past. However, North America and Asia Pacific are expected to emerge as major markets for pulse flour. The high consumption of beverages such as energy and sports drink in these regions that consist pulse flour is likely to augment the demand for pulse flour for beverage production.

The Middle East and Africa is expected to emerge as a significant market for pulse flour. Pulse flour is extensively used in hummus, soups, tajines, and curries. In addition, it is used in frozen prepared meat, processed meat, and salads to magnify the nutritional value of food. The increasing population combined with the developing food service industry is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the pulse flour market in this region. Moreover, the growing hospitality industry in the region, particularly in Egypt, Israel, Morocco, and UAE is expected to drive the demand for processed pulses for new recipes.

Global Pulse Flour Market: Competitive Overview

Some of the key vendors that operate in the global pulse flour market include Ingredion Incorporated, Best Cooking Pulses Inc., Harvest Innovations, Diefenbaker Seed Pocessors, Ganesh Grains Ltd., ADM, AGT Food & Ingredients, CanMar Grain Products, and Parakh Agro Industries Ltd.

Key market players are focused on new product development and partnerships for strengthening their position in this market.

Bakery and Snacks Application Segment to Lead in Pulse Flour Market

San Francisco, California, June 27, 2017: As pulse flour is increasingly being used as functional food on account of being rich in fiber, low in fat, and also low in glyemic index, the market for this flour is anticipated to witness a steady growth in the coming years, states TMR Research in its latest report. The report is titled “Pulse Flour Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” As pulses have considerable benefits over rice and wheat flour, the global pulse flour market is anticipated to grow.

The fact that pulses can be mixed with useful elements such as selenium, potassium, and sodium, for obtaining fortified product variants, will further create a heightened demand for this flour as consumers across the globe are driven towards adopting healthier food habits. The growing realization among consumers regarding the benefits of protein-rich diet is thus acting as a strong driver for the global pulse flour market. Additionally, as vegetarian consumers lack protein in their diet, they are increasingly inclined towards adopting pulse flour to fulfill their protein requirement.

Pulse flour is free from gluten, which is another motivating factor for millions of consumers across the globe who are intolerant towards gluten as well as those, wishing to avoid gluten. Consumers are increasingly seeking food products free from gluten to prevent and treat joint pain, and thus they are expected to buy more of pulse flour as opposed to wheat and rice flour in the coming years. Another factor having a positive impact on the global pulse flour market is the increasing applications of this flour, made possible by extensive research carried out by players operating in the market. Pulse flour is now being used in fortified food products and also for animal feed, furthering the growth of the market worldwide. The market is expected to bolster further with the growing efforts from players to engage in pulse refining techniques.

On the basis of application, the bakery and snacks segment is holding key shares in the market on account of high use of pulse flour for making bread. Consumers are increasingly attracted towards new taste and additional nutritional value of bakery and snack products made from pulse flour. By type of pulse, the lentil pulse segment will generate high revenue for the market between the period from 2017 to 2025, states the leading author of this report. The growing demand for lentil flour for increasing the protein content of foodstuff is boosting the segment’s growth. On the basis of geography, Asia Pacific and North America are anticipated to emerge as lucrative markets for pulse flour in the years to come.

Key players operating in the global pulse flour market are: Harvest Innovations, Ingredion Incorporated, Diefenbaker Seed Pocessors, Best Cooking Pulses Inc., Ganesh Grains Ltd., ADM, CanMar Grain Products, AGT Food & Ingredients, and Parakh Agro Industries Ltd.