North America Aids Global Pulmonary Fibrosis Market Gather Growth Pace

San Francisco, California, July 13, 2017: The global pulmonary fibrosis market is prophesied in a TMR Research report to offer a host of opportunities for companies operating therein with the rise of the most common causes of the disease. As studied by researchers, pulmonary fibrosis could be triggered by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), genetics, viral infections, certain medications, environmental pollutants, and cigarette smoking. Titled “Pulmonary Fibrosis Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017–2025,” the report provides a comprehensive evaluation of key segments, geographical elements, vendor landscape, and other vital aspects.

Advancement in the healthcare and healthcare IT fields is expected to support the demand in the world pulmonary fibrosis market. There could be a range of treatments available in the market to help patients alleviate symptoms or improve the quality of life. Exercise testing is performed to evaluate one of the critical functions of the lungs. In case chest CT scan of high resolution fails to diagnose the disease, doctors could opt for lung biopsy. Besides chest X-ray, there are blood tests to examine oxygen level and breathing examinations to determine lung damage.

Apart from the usual risks of pulmonary fibrosis, side effects of certain medicines, medical conditions, radiation treatments, and airborne toxins are anticipated to raise the occurrence of the disease. The severity of the disease to the extent of shortness of breath and scarring of lung tissue could be a major driving factor of the world pulmonary fibrosis market.

A broad classification of the world pulmonary fibrosis market could include types of treatment such as lung transplant, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen therapy, and drug medication. In case of severe pulmonary fibrosis, lung transplant is often considered as the last resort. In terms of diagnosis, players are envisaged to find opportunities in different markets such as tissue sample tests, lung function tests, and imaging tests.

The authors of the report foresee North America as a leading region in the international pulmonary fibrosis market on account of a large pool of patients, substantial government support for the evolution of novel diagnostic and treatment techniques, and surging demand for sophisticated examination equipment. With a more than 5,000 new cases registered annually in the U.K., as per the Center for Respiratory Research, the country is expected to propel the growth of the market. Nevertheless, Asia Pacific, among the emerging regions, could also offer lucrative prospects on the back of improving healthcare infrastructure and facilities, elevating awareness about the disease, and several diagnostic solutions on the charge.

Among the top companies, Alcatel-lucent, Cerner Corporation, Symantec Corporation, AT&T Inc., and Airstrip technologies Inc. are envisioned to showcase their prominence in the worldwide pulmonary fibrosis market.