Probiotic Drinks gathering Steam as Functional Beverages

San Francisco, California, July 12, 2018 – The worldwide demand for probiotic drinks rides on the back of the growing recognition of several health benefits probiotics have, particularly in maintaining good digestive system and gut health. The promising role that probiotic beverages play in gut health, coupled with the growing awareness of impact of gut bacteria on overall human health, is a key factor bolstering their consumption.

The global probiotics market is projected to expand at a promising pace over 2017–2025 underpinned by these factors. A report by TMR Research titled “Probiotic Drinks Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025”, offers a critical, elaborate assessment of such trends and developments expected to shape the contours of the market over the forecast period of 2017–2025.

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The rising demand for probiotics in the pharmaceutical, and food and beverage sectors is a key factor propelling the market growth. The demand for probiotic drinks is also being accentuated by the vast popularity of probiotics as functional beverages. The rapid, substantial strides being taken by the functional food and beverages and nutraceuticals sectors are catalyzing the growth of the market.

The incorporation of probiotics in drinks as a part of daily diet is considered to have substantial effect on metabolism. The rise in spending on research and development of probiotics is helping food producers to develop probiotics with better nutritional properties. This is creating new avenues in the market.

The notably rising consumption of fermented foods, especially in emerging economies, is a crucial trend fuelling the growth of the market. The substantial disposable incomes of people in these economies is also supporting the burgeoning demand. The advent of functional probiotics beverages that have exotic flavors is also favoring the rapid expansion of the market.

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Key players operating in the global probiotic drinks market are S.A.B. de C.V., DANONE, SA., Grupo Lala, Nestle S.A., Amul Industries Pvt Ltd., Bio-K Plus International Inc., and Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd.

Probiotic Drinks Market drastically changed F&B Industry 2025

Global Probiotic Drinks Market: Overview

This report on the world probiotic drinks market is a comprehensive market intelligence study that brings forth the lucrativeness of the said market. Beginning with an executive summary that comprise a snapshot of how the demand for probiotic drinks has evolved over the recent past and where is it headed to in the future, the report delves into the analysis of various market dynamics, such as opportunities, trends, challenges, and drivers. A detailed overview of the said market with the analysis of porter’s five forces has been provided in a bid to present a concise and clear landscape of the market vendors to the readers. The market intelligence study also points at mergers, important conglomerates, numerous research and development activities, acquisitions, and corroborations. The said publication allows market stakeholders to study the market in detail and carefully and take well-informed decisions so as to optimize profit and minimize cost.

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The world market for probiotic drinks is expected to grow at a robust CAGR and is anticipated to attain a significant market valuation by the end of the period of forecast that extends from the year 2017 to the year 2025.

Global Probiotic Drinks Market: Trends and Opportunities

Due to a large number of health benefits associated with probiotic drinks, the said market is growing at an exponential pace of development at the global level. Furthermore, gut related disorders and health awareness have prompted the growth of probiotic drinks in the daily diet of individuals. Furthermore, the sector is triggered in a major way by the demand directed from the pharmaceutical and food & beverage sectors. Probiotic drinks have also come up as a potential functional beverage.

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Furthermore, convenient incorporation of these drinks so as to gain various health benefits is also one of the main growth factors in the development of probiotic drinks. Growth of the functional food & beverages and nutraceuticals market has also provided an impetus for the increased demand of probiotic drinks. Various health factors such as maintenance of gut health, improved body metabolism can be effectively be addressed by inclusion of probiotic drinks into daily diet.

Global Probiotic Drinks Market: Market Potential

The market vendors have been forecasted to obtain new opportunities as there has been an increased emphasis on spending more on the work of research and development by many of the Probiotic Drinks manufacturing companies thereby driving further growth of the said market. In addition to that, many of the market participants are anticipated to make a foray into the emerging economies that are yet to be explored so as to find new opportunities.

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Global Probiotic Drinks Market: Regional Analysis

The global probiotic drinks market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world (RoW). Asia Pacific is leading the world market for probiotic drinks. China and Japan have the major consumption of fermented foods which is very likely to support the market growth of probiotic drinks. Furthermore, increasing awareness of the healthy food habits and rising disposable income of the consumers in India is also triggering the growth of the international probiotic drinks market. Furthermore, augmented demand of functional beverage such as probiotic drinks in the beverage industry is regarded to be a key driver in this region.

Global Probiotic Drinks Market: Competitive Landscape

A few leading market players that are operating in the world market for probiotic drinks have been profiled in this report. The market share analysis of the leading market participants of this market has been offered in the said publication so as to assist readers of this publication to gain a deep understanding of their status and position in the industry.