Pre-printed Liners Market | Exclusive Trends and Opportunities Analysis Report

The word “pre-print” refers to the process of printing on the outer liner of corrugated boxes utilized for the purpose of packaging. These prints are mostly applied to these boxes prior to transforming and corrugating operations. The corrugated surface is bonded between the inner liner and pre-printed liner during corrugation to give the frame cushioning, support, and rigidity. Increasing prominence of these liners is likely to foster growth of the global pre-printed liners market in the years to come.

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Because of the changing packaging landscape in the industry, the demand for pre-printed liners is rising. One of the factors driving the global pre-printed liners market is the increase in customer demand for entertaining and visually pleasing packaging. The global pre-printed liner market is projected to be driven by increased demand from several end use sectors, such as healthcare, personal care, and food and beverage industries. One of the reasons driving up demand for pre-print liners is the augmented demand for tamperproof features and tamper-evident packaging so as to prevent tampering and adulteration of items.

Transition in the Packaging Industry and Advent of Digital Finishing to Boost Growth in the Market

Because of the changing packaging scenario, the global pre-printed liners market is predicted to grow significantly in the next few years to come. Regulatory developments, as well as increasingly changing packaging requirements across different industrial realms, are predicted to shape the global pre-printed liners market’s development in the years to come. The market participants functioning in the existing pre-printed liners industry environment are likely to benefit from past, new, and upcoming developments. The emergence of digital finishing and printing is changing the packaging of different substrate classes, such as flexible films, stickers, and folding cartons. This trend is expected to fuel the acceptance of pre-printed liners in the forthcoming years.

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