Renovation of Postal Automation System open Lucrative Prospects

San Francisco, California, July 19, 2018 – The drive for automation in postal systems has gained substantial traction world over, reinforced by the bold strides e-commerce has taken in recent years globally. The pressing need for automated sorting and delivery processes for facilitating faster delivery to consumers is a key factor supporting the steady expansion of the postal automation system market. The rising adoption of automation by governmental postal agencies, especially in developing and developed nations, is a notable factor boosting the market.

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A report by TMR Research titled “Postal Automation System Market – Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025”, sheds light on such growth dynamics and factors impacting the current and emerging prospects of the market. The global market is projected to rise at attractive pace during the assessment period of 2017–2025.

The market will witness robust growth momentum by the rising adoption of postal automation system by courier, express, and parcel (CEP) companies against the backdrop of staggering rise in number of parcels and packages. The substantial numbers of parcel sortation systems by postal companies in numerous developing and developed nations. The demand for disruptive automation technologies among postal operators to meet demanding business conditions is also catalyzing the growth of the market.

Efforts by prominent postal and CEP companies to renovate existing postal automation systems in developed regions, notably in North America, are contributing large revenues to the global market. This has led to large expansion of the capacity of postal automation system. The rapid inroads that the e-commerce industry has been making in emerging economies, such as in Asia Pacific, is a notable trend bolstering the uptake of postal automation system in these economies.

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The market has been witnessing serious setbacks from the high investment required upfront to set up automations systems in the CEP industry. The rapid evolution of Internet of Postal Things (IOPT) will open up lucrative avenues in the market.