Demand for Plant-based Proteins to Thrive on Back of Scientific Backing

Plant-based proteins have risen in popularity worldwide, in part due to some clinical evidence behind their superiority of animal-based proteins and the health benefits of plant-based food. The plant-based proteins market has seen expanding array of plant sources being utilized, notably beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

A growing body of research has reiterated that plant-based proteins can serve as a good way to reducing an individual’s dependence of meat for protein. Of note, a few randomized controlled trials have found favorable results of plant-based diets on cardiovascular health, stimulating people to shift from meat to plant for meeting their daily protein requirements. As a matter of truth, several studies have already pointed out that plant sources can be source of essential amino acids that our bodies can’t make otherwise.

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Plant-based Food Gathering Steam Due to Environmental Aspects

One strident impetus to the plant-based market has come from growing worldwide efforts to preserve the environment. Shunning meat consumption is considered to be a powerful way to do this, concur a large swathe environmental protectionists. The adverse health impacts of red meat consumption has boosted the demand for plant-based proteins.

In developed countries, people have started realizing that plant-based proteins can be a source of meeting the requirement of high-quality protein in daily meals. The growing scientific backing has diffused the claims that animal-based protein are the only source of proteins that humans need. For instance, lentils have been associated with anti-obesity, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have also promoted the use of nuts, tofu, and hemps.

Over the years, food manufacturers are incorporating new plant-based sources, propelling the expansion of the plant-based protein market. They are also including these proteins in snacks, thus, seeing their demand among millennials.  The advent of new flavor profile is spurring the scope of innovations in the plant-based protein market.

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