Physician Office Lab Testing Tech to Get Better

San Francisco, California, August 03, 2017: TMR Research explores the possibilities and pitfalls among the manufacture and distribution for various types of POLs, in “Physician Office Laboratory (POL) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

One of the leading factors contributing to the growth of the global physician office laboratory market is the swift pace of advancements in testing technologies. The market is very likely to keep its sharp growth curve over the coming years riding on the back of this driver. The market is additionally receiving a lot of attention and funding due to increased awareness of POL benefits, better government incentive schemes, and increasing expenditure on the healthcare industry in general.

The overall lack of awareness, on the other hand, is what is currently restraining the global physician office laboratory market. The low presence of POL testing in a large number of key regions is creating a somewhat unpredictably uneven growth rate for the global market. Another negative point against the global physician office laboratory market is the active restraint exhibited by those who provide medical care and services from primary care visits to healthcare professionals and physicians.

Hospital and clinical labs currently take up the bulk of the screening, monitoring, testing, and diagnostic procedures in the world, but their combined effort may not be sufficient to meet the accelerating demand for tests and diagnostics. The massive incoming volume of work in these fields is extremely likely to push for the development of the global physician office laboratory market over the coming years.

Regionally speaking, a majority of contributions in development and demand volume have been supplemented in North America and Europe so far. The rate at which POLs were increasing in North America, for example, had already seen the presence of 111,000 certified POLs in 2010. Both regions are expected to show a phenomenal rise in demand for POLs in the coming years. Meanwhile, the demand for POLs has been meagre in Asia Pacific and other emerging economic regions, owing to lack of awareness and the absence of appropriate healthcare infrastructure. This is very likely to change in the immediate future, as swift healthcare industry evolution can bring about a large scope of opportunities for players in the global physician office laboratory market.

The leading players in the global physician office laboratory market so far, have included Accriva Diagnostics, Akers Biosciences, Axis-Shield, Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Boule Diagnostics, Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, Diazyme Laboratories, Polymer Technology Systems (CHEK Diagnostics), Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp., 3D Medical Diagnostics, Magellan Diagnostics, Biomerica, Inc., Accumetrics, Vital Diagnostics, and Nanosphere, Inc.

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