Photographic Equipment Market to Experience Humungous Growth Owing to Advanced Innovations

San Francisco, California, September 20, 2017:– The global photographic equipment market is anticipated to experience a significant expansion due to rise in the demand for the replacement of built-in lenses in compact point-and-shoot camera and digital cameras. Moreover, the advancement of technology is also an added factor responsible for the demand of photographic equipments in the market, states TMR Research. According to a report authored by the market research company, titled “Photographic Equipment Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” various new innovations such as high definition (HD) quality lenses and integration of touchscreen function in the equipments are likely to surge the market growth of photographic equipments.

Steady rise in the economic conditions, growth in disposable incomes are some of the major reasons for the acceleration of demand for photographic equipments all over the world. The disposable income enables the consumer to spend more on high quality photographic equipment. Apart these, the emergence of advanced features for example sharing functionality on social media handles, WiFi and Bluetooth function, and availability of SIM card slots also fuel the demand in the market. The photographic equipments have come a long way as in terms of technological advancement. Improved zooming feature, along with HD videos, touch enabled user interface, images detection are some more key reason to propel the market growth of photographic equipments. There are now several type of photographic equipments available in the market such as papers and chemicals, stands, cameras, flash lamps, film processing mini labs, and lenses. With these wide range of options available in the market along with the advanced functions such as voice command for recording videos and capturing pictures are fueling the demand in the global market.

However, due to mushrooming of smartphones in the market with almost similar functions and more, the global market for photographic equipments is likely to be pull down to some extent. Moreover, the recently launched smartphones covers features like HD camera and recording function and face detection technique, which makes consumers to prefer these smart phones over cameras. Additionally, even though the product life cycle is anticipated to be quite long, but the revenue generated is comparatively limited that withdraws the consumer’s interest in the purchase. Nevertheless, various new innovations such as high definition (HD) quality lenses and integration of touchscreen function in the equipments are likely to surge the market growth of photographic equipments.

On the basis of product category the global photographic equipment market is segmented into two wide categories camera and other photography equipment. Camera segment is anticipated to dominate the other ones demonstrating a strong market growth during its forecast period. Several interesting innovations such as better focus quality and magnification, higher megapixels which provides enhanced picture quality along with high resolutions adds to the market demand for camera segment. Emergence of 3D technology is also likely to augment the market growth. Based on geographical regions, North America region is anticipated to hold the maximum shares in global market of photographic equipments. But, not far behind, Asia Pacific also demonstrate a promising growth in coming years. This is credited to cost effective raw material and easy availability that encourages the manufacturing firms to invest on a large scale in countries such as China and Japan.

With properties such as rise in worldwide usage of internet, the convenience to exchange videos and photos through a wireless network becomes easier, are attracting manufacturer in the market. Eastman Kodak Co., Toshiba Corporation, Casio Computer Co., Olympus Corporation, Leica Camera AG, Sony Corporation, Sigma Corporation, Sakar International Inc, Fujifilm Co., Ricoh Co. Ltd., Canon Inc., and Nikon are some of the well-known names in the global photographic equipments in the market.

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