Pediatric Ultrasound Emerging as Non-Invasive and Safe Diagnostic Modality

Ultrasound technologies have seen rapid advances in techniques and incorporation of contrast agents. The increase in performance has enabled radiologists, including those catering to the need for pediatric patients, to utilize diagnostic and interventional competencies of these. Low-cost and safety are the two compelling propositions driving the demand for ultrasound technologies for pediatrics. Tellingly, the pediatric ultrasound market is seeing growing uptake in the health care industry for examining pediatric populations in bedside settings.

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Advances in Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Technologies Boost Market

Children particularly are sensitive to several modalities that need high doses of radiation. Hence, improvements in ultrasound techniques are propelling their applications in pediatric patients for viable tumor, vascular pathologies, and organ injury. A case in point is growing clinical relevance of lung ultrasonography (US). Need for new diagnostic abilities to expand the ultrasound of the paediatric chest is a key factor propelling investment in pediatric ultrasound market. In this regard, ultrasound technologies offer a promising potential in pleural effusion. Over the past ten years, point-of-care ultrasound has been gathering huge interest among clinicians in pediatric emergency.

Growing awareness about the need for early diagnosis of pathologies is a key factor driving demands for non-invasive and safe diagnostic modality such as ultrasound in pediatric populations. In recent years, numerous advancements have been made in flow visualization and elastography technologies. Adoption of high-frequency imaging technologies has helped improve their utility in delineating anatomic structures to as low as 30 μm.

On the regional front, North America has emerged out as prominent revenue generating region in the pediatric ultrasound market. Remarkable strides being made in pediatric care have opening lucrative strides in the market. Moreover, a growing body of studies by researchers in the region have focused on improving the diagnostic modality for children. Meanwhile, Europe has also been hugely lucrative for global players in the pediatric ultrasound market.

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