Drugs and Alcohol Addiction to Boost Demand in Outpatient Clinics Market

A couple of factors drive the global market for outpatient clinics. One of the factors is the irregular eating and sleeping habits of people, which ultimately leads to bodily disorders, and frequent occurrence of diseases. Another factor boosting the market for outpatient clinics market is the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction on a global basis. With more and more people getting prone to the use of alcohol and drugs on a daily basis, there is the need for increasing the number of rehab centers all over the world. Rehabilitation centers having outpatient unit allows the patient to stay home and treat their drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. The rise in demand for treatment especially of alcohol addiction problem creates more demand for outpatient, thus boosting the overall market for outpatient clinic in the coming years.

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However, employee health record maintenance is also gaining more importance. Most organizations are offering health insurance benefits to their employees in order to make sure their employees maintain a healthy life while working. This may have a negative impact in the growth of the outpatient clinics market in the future years.

Rising Provisions of Health Regulations to Hinder Market Growth

Another factor hampering the growth of the outpatient clinics market in the coming years is the provision of health regulations like Healthcare Education Reconciliation Act and Patient Care Affordable Act. These Acts offers access to private health insurance to people under which they get full health coverage. This may act as a hindrance to the outpatient clinics market as people will prefer insurance to spending their income on treating health issues.

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Nevertheless, the advancement in medical technology leading to various therapies and other treatment procedure that do not require staying back at the hospital during the night is projected to offer lucrative growth opportunities in the outpatient clinics market. Apart from that, the cost efficient features that outpatient clinics offer in terms of operational costs are further anticipated to boost the market in the long run.

Outpatient Clinics Market to Benefit from Rising Prevalence of Chronic Diseases Globally

Outpatient clinics are the healthcare facilities that offer preliminary and emergency healthcare services which do not involve hospitalization to treat a patient. In the past few years, the vast rise in prevalence of chronic diseases and geriatric population have resulted in a vast rise of patient population worldwide. In addition, increasing incidences of road accidents are adding to the global patient population by volumes. Increasing patient pool is ultimately increasing patient admissions in the hospitals globally and thereby increasing economic burden on hospitals. Thus, demand for outpatient clinics is increasing.

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Focus of Governments on Reduction of Financial Burden on Healthcare Systems to Drive Growth
Outpatient clinics are playing important role in order to reduce daily patient admissions and thereby decreasing economic burden on healthcare institutions. Factors such as rising prevalence of chronic diseases, increasing geriatric population, and government initiatives to reduce economic burden on hospitals are driving the global outpatient clinics market. On the other hand, factors such as lack of doctors to attend patients in outpatient clinics, lack of necessary infrastructure in outpatient clinics and patients visiting outpatient clinics daily and stringent regulatory framework are restraining the growth of the global outpatient clinics market.

Asia Pacific to Provide Promising Growth Opportunities
From a geographic standpoint, the market in North America dominates the global outpatient clinics market and is followed by Europe. Factors that are responsible for dominating position of North America in the global outpatient clinics market are highly developed infrastructure, increased healthcare spending, abundant availability of required funds to start outpatient clinics, and government initiative to reduce hospital admissions.

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Asia-Pacific is a lucrative market for outpatient clinics market. Factors such as rapidly developing healthcare infrastructure, availability of healthcare facility and healthcare professionals on the grounds of rapidly increasing medical tourism industry especially in India and China are expected to drive Asia-Pacific outpatient clinics market towards growth. Apart from India and China, Japan will play an important role in the Asia-Pacific outpatient clinics market due to increased initiative by Japanese government to improve healthcare facilities in the country to provide better healthcare services to patient population in Japan.

Outpatient Clinics Market : Industrial Forecast On Global Industry Analysis and Trends till 2025

Global Outpatient Clinics Market: Snapshot

An outpatient clinic or a department is one where patients can be treated for their illnesses without having the need to stay at the medical organization conventional outpatient clinics have provided treatment options for common ailments or medical issues that have a swift diagnosis and cure. Modern outpatient clinics have evolved to provide a wide spectrum of treatment and diagnostic options and even minor surgical procedures. The outpatient clinic can form a vital body of any healthcare organization, as they can be places where doctors can perform immediate diagnoses as well as follow-up treatments for regularly visiting patients.

More and more outpatient clinics around the world have started offering additional treatments or services for pain relief as well as rehabilitation. The more common types of additional features that may be found in outpatient clinics today, include surgery centers, imaging centers, lab centers, physical therapy centers, medical equipment rental facilities, GI diagnostic centers, and radiation therapy centers. Outpatient clinics may also provide additional services depending on the specializations held by the medical personnel in the facility. This can include cardiology or orthopedics, for instance. It is not uncommon to find highly trained and skilled medical personnel in modern outpatient clinics, due to the highly demanding job it has become.

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Many outpatient clinics today also provide added comfort to patients in the waitlist. Clinics can possess comfortable seating arrangements, coffee shops, public telephones, snack shops, gift shops, and quiet rooms.

Global Outpatient Clinics Market: Overview

Outpatient clinics or centers are medical facilities that offer medical as well as diagnostic treatments to patients who are suffering from several medical conditions. These clinics provide treatment that does not demand overnight stay the medical facility. The growing initiatives by governments to create an awareness reading the benefits of outpatient clinics and to decrease the number of hospital admissions are encouraging several new players to enter the market and create a niche across the globe.

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The research study further offers a clear picture of the global outpatient clinics market, providing information related to the growth factors, opportunities, and the latest trends in the market. The study throws light on the key segmentation of the global market and provides the estimated growth rate and market share of the leading segments throughout the forecast period. In addition, a detailed overview of the competitive landscape has been included to offer a clear picture of the market.

Global Outpatient Clinics Market: Drivers and Restraints

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases and the rising geriatric population across the globe are some of the key factors that are estimated to encourage the growth of the global outpatient clinics market in the near future. In addition, the reducing burden on the healthcare sector due to the significant reduction in the daily patient admissions is projected to supplement the growth of the market in the near future. On the other hand, the strict regulatory framework and the lack of doctors to attend patients are estimated to restrict the growth of the market in the near future. Nevertheless, the robust development of the healthcare sector, especially in the developing economies is expected to generate promising opportunities in the forecast period.

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Global Outpatient Clinics Market: Region-wise Outlook

According to the research study, North America is expected to lead the global outpatient clinics market throughout the forecast period. This region is estimated to register a progressive growth rate in the near future, owing to the rising government initiatives to reduce hospital admissions. In addition, the tremendously rising healthcare spending, availability of advanced healthcare infrastructure, and the abundant availability of necessary funds are some of the vital factors that are projected to encourage the growth of the North America outpatient clinics market in the next few years.

Furthermore, Asia Pacific is expected to witness substantial growth throughout the forecast period, thanks to the rising lucrative opportunities. The growing focus on the development of healthcare infrastructure and the growing popularity of medical tourism are some of the other factors that are predicted to encourage the growth of the Asia Pacific market in the coming few years.

Key Players Mentioned in the Research Report are:

With the rising number of players, the global outpatient clinics market is expected to witness intense competition in the near future. Some of the prominent players operating in the global outpatient clinics market are M D Anderson Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale AZ, Davita, University of Maryland Medical Center, National Health Service, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Clevel and Clinic.

Rise in Chronic Diseases to Boost Global Outpatient Clinics Market

San Francisco, Aug 08, 2017: According to a new research study by TMR research, the global outpatient clinics market is experiencing a high growth rate. The report, titled “Outpatient Clinics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025,” specifically focuses on the key factors that influence the performance of this market. It also takes its existing and historical performance in consideration to determine its future status.

As per the research study, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the significant increase in the geriatric population across the world are the key factors behind the tremendous growth of the global market for outpatient clinics. Additionally, the decreasing burden on the medical and healthcare sector, owing to the significant decline in the number of patients being admitted in hospitals on the daily basis is expected to aid the growth of this market over the forthcoming years. However, the stringent regulatory framework and the dearth of skilled doctors and medical professionals may restrict the market from progressing steadily in the near future, reports the study.

The report further states that researchers anticipate that North America will be leading the global market for outpatient clinics over the period of the forecast. This regional market is projected to register a high growth rate in the near future, thanks to the increasing number of initiatives by the governments to decrease the hospital admissions.

In addition to this, the exceptional rise in the healthcare spending, easy availability of funds, and the presence of advanced medical and healthcare infrastructure are expected to propel the North America market for outpatient clinics over the next few years. Among other regional markets for outpatient clinics, Asia Pacific is estimated to report a noticeable growth rate, owing to the increasing capability of consumers to spend on expensive treatments, fueled by their raised disposable incomes, notes the market study.

The research report also offers a competitive assessment of the global market for outpatient clinics. As per the market study, the business landscape of this market is demonstrates a highly competitive structure due to the presence of a number of established international as well as local players. National Health Service, University of Maryland Medical Center, Clevel and Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale AZ, M D Anderson Cancer Center, Davita, and Kaiser Permanente are some of the leading players functional in the global market for outpatient clinics, states the research report.

The main intent of this research study is to provide a clear understanding and deep insights into the worldwide market for outpatient clinics to participants in a bid to help them in strengthening their market presence.

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