Oklahoma Confirms First Sample of West Nile Virus carrying Mosquitoes

At a time when nations worldwide are grappling with frequent epidemic breakouts, governments have new concerns to be wary of. According to health officials, mosquitoes found in Oklahoma Country are tested positive in West Nile Virus, categorized as potentially fatal.

The Health Department in Oklahoma City-Country has further confirmed while mosquitoes are tested positive, there are no reports of human cases affected by the virus. Phil Maytubby, the Director for Agency Public Health Protection has added that rains and warm weather has created an environment conducive to the virus-carrying mosquitoes. Also the health records of the country show no deaths because of the virus last year. However, in 2015, 10 deaths were recorded, while 15 deaths occurred due to the virus in 2012.

Common Symptoms Observed in People Affected by West Nile Virus

The most common symptoms of the disease are high fever, body aches, and headache. The virus is most commonly spread through the bite of a mosquito called Culex.

Experts have recommended people to place microbial larvicides or dunks in standing water, which cannot be drained. This helps in killing larvae before they become adult mosquitoes. These dunks can be easily purchased from any hardware store.

They are mentioned that Oklahomans are putting themselves at risk of this mosquito-borne disease by not being proactive. West Nile Virus has been identified as one of the most common mosquito-borne disease affecting the country, and also pose deadly threat to senior adults.