Are Oats the Next Almonds in the World of Plant Based Beverages?

Oats drinks are gaining popularity in the beverage market due to its nutritional benefits. It offers a balance of protein, carbs and fiber to consumers. The shifting trend of people towards nutritious, healthy, and vegan products is a major boost to the global oats drinks market.

Variety is influencing consumers to come out of their regular taste and this is fortifying oats milk market. A few commonly available oat drinks are milk, smoothies and shakes. Players are further experimenting with favors and additives to lure consumers.

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Some of the other factors influencing growth of the global oats drinks market are-

• Rising number of lactose intolerance people, and growing awareness among consumers of developing regions are some drivers propelling growth of the global oats drinks market.

• On the flipside, the inability of manufacturers to meet rising consumer demand for oat drinks owing to the inadequate supply management is hampering growth of the global oats milk market. Also a wide range of oats application is limiting availability of oat to oats drinks producers. This gives birth to another key restraints in the global oats market.

• Among several varieties of oats drinks, oat milk is gaining enormous consumers acceptance. This is majorly because of the growing popularity of organic and plant based products. It has been noted that consumers are willing to pay more for ethically grown and healthy food items. The global players too sensed a change in buying behavior of people and hence shifting their focus on quality of beverage. For instance – big brands like PepsiCo and Starbucks have added oats based beverages in their offerings.

• Country wise U.S. is showing wide acceptance for oats drinks. This is because rapidly growing obesity in the region. Oats drinks are healthy substitutes to high calorie almond and soya drinks. This is helping people for effective weight management.

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