Nucleic Acid Isolation to Rise on the Back of Increasing Application in of Genetic Engineering

Nucleic acid isolation and purification is a niche and one of the most complex technology that deals in nucleic acid isolation and purification with in the living organism.

One of the prominent factors which are expected to boost the molecular biology techniques are such as cloning, sequencing, polymerase chain reaction and others. Apart from this, the technology is also used in a variety of application such as genetic engineering, life science research, forensics and molecular diagnostics. Advent of several advanced technologies such as mRNA isolation and purification, plasmid DNA isolation and purification, total RNA isolation and purification, and PCR clean-up are some other factors expected to boost the nucleic acids isolation and purification market.

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Other factors such as surge in prevalence of rare conditions, genetic disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases are playing a major role in boosting the nucleic acids isolation and purification market in the coming few years. Likewise, we have mentioned several other factors which are expected to drive the global nucleic acid isolation and purification market.
However, factors like high costs of nucleic acids isolation and purification, limited consumer awareness and unviable of the healthcare infrastructure are some of the prominent factors expected to hamper growth in the nucleic acid and purification market.

In addition, demand for genetically modified crops and fruits for consumption and genetically modified organisms for research studies has increased, further fuelling demand for nucleic acid isolation and purification.

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Lastly, rising private and public partnerships in the life science and biotechnology industries, growing adoption of sequencing platforms for clinical diagnostics, rising genomic and enzymology-based research, and increasing R&D investments in molecular biology and precision medicines are also responsible for market growth. This are some of the strong factors expected to drive the global nucleic acid isolation and purification market.

Genealogical Advancements Boosts Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification

San Francisco, California, August 11, 2017 : TMR Research estimates a highly potent growth in the global nucleic acid isolation and purification market. The technology, while being cost-effective, simpler, and faster as compared to organic extraction, can also be automated. The rising focus on research along with development and expansion of application base comprise the crucial factors likely to encourage the growth of the global nucleic acid isolation and purification market in the near future, reports the market research company. Their report, titled “Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025” is a result of extensive primary and secondary research on DNA isolation and purification.

Lucrative applications such as molecular diagnostic testing, expression analysis and genotyping promise to be key factors in developing new opportunities for the suppliers of global nucleic acid isolation and purification market. While the industry is propelled by the considerable driving forces mentioned above, the world market for the same is also susceptible to a few restrictions. The major hindrance would be the high price of automated instruments may inhibit the growth of the market in the coming years. However, the unprecedented growth in technological advances, high penetration and availability of top-notch instruments, and the soaring demand from pharmaceutical companies may very well overcome the shortcomings in industry growth.

Between 2017 and 2025, developed markets for nucleic acid isolation and purification are predicted to be dominantly attributed to their application in forensic analysis or in molecular biology. While the industry has a global appeal, the report classifies the market opportunities geographically into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World. North America is prophesied to witness vigorous growth during the period of forecast mentioned. The rapid advancement in this region can be credited to the rise in on the count of application areas of nucleic acid isolation. Additionally, Asia Pacific and Europe are projected to foresee high growth in the upcoming years.

Players operating in the global nucleic acid isolation and purification market are expected to register reliable growth prospects owing to the rising awareness of its applicability across diverse sectors. Sigma-Aldrich Co., GE Healthcare, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Inc., Bio-Rad Technologies, Inc., and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. etc., are some of the enterprises mentioned in the report. The research study also highlights the approaches undertaken by the leading players in the industry, with the aim of in order to equip the new entrants with guidelines in making appropriate decisions and sustain in the competitive environment.

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