Microsoft CTO Envisions New Role of AI for Controlling Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has intrigued several researchers towards developing novel containment strategies. Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott is also making ardent efforts to this end. Kevin is inspired by ideas that led to the development of the Apollo Space Program. He aims to initiate a project with the same level of innovation to resolve the current Covid-19 situation. He lays emphasis on the importance of investing in artificial intelligence technologies to improve healthcare. The coronavirus pandemic necessitates the development of a robust healthcare infrastructure across the US. Kevin believes that the US government should fund AI technologies for healthcare just as it funded moon landing missions.

Investments in Healthcare

The government invested funds equivalent to $200 bn of today’s time to help Neil Armstrong and others set foot on the moon. Similar levels of funding in AI technologies could help the US in navigating the Covid-19 crisis. Kevin believes that investment in AI technologies could serve three-fold benefits for the country. Primarily, it could help in diagnosing underlying health conditions in the masses. In addition to this, the technology could prevent the spread of pandemics in the future, while reducing care costs. Considering the large US population that is uninsured of health benefits, care cost reduction shall help several people.

Changing Approach to Care Delivery

Kevin Drew an important analogy with the moon-shot project that was envisioned by John. F Kennedy around 1970. He asserts that, in this scenario, the country’s moon shot would be a radical change in healthcare infrastructure. He states that the cost of delivery quality healthcare to all is extremely high. Therefore, there is a need to use an interventional technology that can help improve healthcare, whilst managing costs. AI is one such technology that can help in accomplishing the aforementioned goals.