Here’s a Sneak Peek at the New BMW X3 Features

Fans of automobiles and especially the releases by BMW are in for a treat, as the images and specs for the new 2018 BMW X3. A few of the new images have made their way to the internet and spread like wildfire, after what appears to be a mistake committed by the owners of the Hong Kong website for BMW. The images were accidentally leaked a day before the car’s debut on to the roads. The website also happened to publish the specs for the 2018 X3.

X3 to Come with CLAR
The X3 is a third generation SUV by BMW and is very likely to come integrated with the company’s modular platform, CLAR. Cluster Architecture, shortened to CLAR, is a platform that melds heavy duty carbon fiber, aluminum, and high strength steel to create a sturdy material that is extremely light in weight. The 2018 X3 will come with the CLAR as well as increased power all across the model’s new lineup.

The new X3 is also expected to be the first model launched to hold BMW’s M Performance model. The X3 M40i for instance, is expected to reach 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, comes with a 3.0 liter six cylinder, twin turbocharged engine that can deliver a top speed of 155 mph and generate 360 hp.

No Major Change to Design
As seen from the leaks, there appears to be no significant change to the series from its predecessor. A few of the changes in the new model include a longer as well as wider stance, a separation of the kidney grilles from the headlights, and a taller front end.