New Neural Model Provides Insights on How Brain Process Fresh Information

Human have the unique ability, better than all living organisms, to process a wide range of mental functions and adapt their behavior as per new information is added from outside as well as their preset intuitions from within. For instance, when one taps feet as per the rhythm of a music beat, the brain is constantly processing the sound along with recalling the knowledge of the song that is already inside.

Now, a group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have formulated a model that that can reveal the strategies that our brain utilizes in order to choose and shift between different mental operations. For this discovery, the researchers have used an arithmetic framework, which is known as dynamical systems analysis. The new model has the ability to reveal the logical senses of the brain that directs specific neural activities among a large pool of neurons.

According to a senior author of this research study, the brain has the capability of processing external and internal information simultaneously and that leads to its novel computations on a real-time basis. Remarkably, brain is able to make changes to the behavior much quicker than the actual hardware of the brain is changing. The revelation in the study is that same hardware of our brain can function different instruction at the same time.

These neurologists have asserted that cognitive flexibility of the brain is mostly in the higher cortical areas, but very little has been so far found out on how the brain is able to achieve such remarkable flexibilities!