Microsoft Integrates LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365

Microsoft is ushering to create the next-generation of cloud-based businesses. In a major business move, Microsoft integrates LinkedIn Sales Navigator data with Dynamics 365. This was one of the first deliverables that Microsoft promised last year after it acquired LinkedIn for US$ 26.2 billion last year.

Unfolding as a boon, professional salespeople can view LinkedIn sales navigator data along with other information on the Dynamics 365 sales dashboard. However, this has come as an unpleasant move for Salesforce – Dynamics 365’s biggest rival in the CRM market.

Integration Lucrative for Investors in Microsoft CRM Solutions

Following this integration, users with both the systems will be able to view information from LinkedIn profiles in the inner pages of Dynamics 365 Sales. They can obtain contextual recommendations and can provide tailored content along with account and lead updates. LinkedIn sales navigator and Dynamics will sync information on a daily basis so that both the systems are up to date on information exchange.

The integration makes sense for users of Sales Navigator to invest in Microsoft’s CRM and vice versa. This is all the more important for Microsoft to woo companies that are considering CRM applications from rivals such as Salesforce and Oracle.

Not only this, there lie some other announcements from Microsoft as well. It has launched Dynamics 365 for Talent, which is a new human resource app for companies to manage their workforce. Another major announcement from Microsoft is Dynamics 365 for Retail. This service is for retailers who want a centralized system for managing employees, inventory, customers, and financials.