Monochrome Printers with Customizable User Interfaces Gain Popularity in Offices

San Francisco, California, June 29, 2017: The sustained demand for paperwork in the sectors such as retail, education, and government has led to the burgeoning need for monochrome printers. The rising number of printing activities in the publishing industry and the growing demand for printers in workplace and for office workflows are key developments boosting the evolution of the market. A new report penned by TMR Research, titled “Monochrome Printer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025, provides an elaborate assessment of such factors and more influencing the market dynamics. The research offers insights into the current trends, notable developments in end-use industries, emerging opportunities, recent technology advancements, and competitive landscape.

The rapid strides made by the e-commerce sector in the last few years has spurred the demand for monochrome printers. The growing demand for user-friendly and scalable printing solutions among workplace supplies and for office stationery is a key factor driving the monochrome printers market. Several manufacturers are launching customizable solutions to meet the demand for specific workflows in various office environments. This has significantly catalyzed the monochrome printer market growth. The demand of larger-volume print environments in workplace is expected to boost the market in the coming years. The advent of automatic monochrome printers with intuitive user-interfaces is anticipated to accentuate the market in the coming years.

The growing popularity of online ordering in developed and developing regions has boosted the demand for secure labeling in order to ensure reliable deliveries to consumers. This has translated to the demand for monochrome printers. The rising application of digital technologies in printing has enabled several e-commerce companies to the design of more reliable deliveries through secure packaging tracking. Recent technological advancements in the printing technology and the growing application of monochrome printers in the advertising and media industries are expected to boost the monochrome printer market.

The increasing popularity of other substitute printing technology and the need for high investment required for office supplies are key factors likely to impede the market growth to an extent. Nevertheless, the availability of customizable and scalable solutions is expected to create lucrative growth avenues for market players to capitalize on.

Geographically, North America is one of the prominent markets for monochrome printers. The growth of this regional market is attributed to the demand for larger-volume print environments in workplaces and major technological advancements leading to the design of high-performing monochrome printers. The Asia Pacific market is expected to witness substantial demand for monochrome printers, attributed to the rapidly emerging demand in countries such as India and Japan. In addition, the large untapped market across the region is expected to encourage many new entrants, boosting the regional market in the coming years.

Several players are actively focused on launching customizable and affordable business solutions targeting different end-use industries, in move to gain a competitive edge over others in the global monochrome printer market. Prominent companies vying for a significant share in the monochrome printer market include Inca Digital Printers Ltd., Ricoh Company Ltd., Kodak, EFI Electronics Corp., Konica Minolta, Inc., Canon Inc., Xerox Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard.