Moderate Alcohol Consumption per Week May Reduce Risk of Diabetes

According to the group of researchers in the National Institute of Public Health at South Denmark University, moderate alcohol consumption – around three to four times in a week – may help reducing the chances of diabetes. The researchers claim that balanced drinking will help in cutting down the risk of diabetes in men as well as women. The researchers found out that even considering the average weekly consumption of alcohol, the frequency of drinking 3-4 times in a week is still related with minimum risk of diabetes. These findings were published in the Diabetologia journal, were conducted by Professor Janne Tolstrup and her colleagues by examining the results of alcohol consumption frequency on risks diabetes. The group also considered the relation with particular beverage types.

The study used information from the 2007-2008 Danish Health Examination Survey (DAHNES) where participants where Danish residents aged 18 and above. The survey excluded pregnant women, women who had given birth recently, and people already diagnosed with diabetes. In total, 70,551 participants were surveyed with their specific beverage choice – beer, wine, and spirits. The frequency coded was a drink per week, 1-6 drinks, and 7 or more drinks per week for women and average 7-13 and 14 or higher for men. The results showed that 887 women and 859 men developed diabetes. The data showed that in terms of frequency, consuming alcohol for 3-4 days a week resulted in minimum risk of developing diabetes – 32% lower risk for women and 27% for men – when compared with individuals consuming alcohol less than a day per week.