Versatility and Portability of Mobile Blasting Systems Attract Architects

Mobile blasting systems have gained popularity in the building and construction sector, most notably in residential segment. Their ease of operation, portability, and the computability with a range of blast media account for a substantial demand for these systems in fieldwork as well as in confined rooms used for blasting. Key types of products include pressure blasters and dustless blasters. Advancements in pneumatic technologies have underpinned technological advances in the mobile blasting systems market.

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Manufacturers and vendors in the mobile blasting systems market are not only keen on offering cutting-edge equipment but also provide required protective gear. The growing array of abrasive media and pressure environments in the which the mobile blasting systems operate is a key aspect of the popularity of such systems.

Construction Sector in South Asia to Reinvigorate Demand

Ease in installation is a key characteristics of mobile blasting systems, hence of market demand. Automation in the devices has been increasingly attracting architects over the years. Strides being made by new constructions in ASEAN and numerous other Asian countries has been and will be key enabler for growth in the mobile blasting systems market. This is crucial given the fact that COVID-19 worldwide lockdowns have severely hampered the sector in various parts of the world. However, demand in the mobile blasting systems market is expected to pick pace in the aforementioned regions.

A large part of future demand potential is expected to be fuelled by revitalizing of the construction sector in South Asia. A part of the demand will come from the application of mobile blasting systems in mining sector. In coming years, recyclability will be a top concern for stakeholders in the mobile blasting systems market. Recycled glass-enabled mobile  dustless blasting systems are a case in point. The popularity is underpinned by their striking eco-friendliness, reliability in operation, and effectiveness.

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