Widening Uptake of Micronized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to Propel Growth of the Market

Micronized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a polymer, which has wide-ranging applications where anti-blocking properties and excellent surface lubricity is required. This polymer is synthesized from PTFE raw material by using thermal decomposition and air milling. With this process, the size of the product can be customized according to the requirement of the application.

Growing demand for micronized PTFE mainly from the thermoplastics industry is said to be the key drivers for growth of the micronized PTFE market globally. Properties of micronized PTFE including high tensile strength, low friction coefficient, excellent abrasion, excellent flame retardancy, and high wear resistance, are making them suitable to be used across a number of applications mainly as thermoplastic.

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Here are some other factors influencing on the growth of the micronized PTFE market:

The market is primarily driven by growth in the industrial sector, mainly in the emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region. The industries such as automotive, coatings, electronics, and textiles are growing with the fast pace in the region, which is predictable to propel growth of the micronized PTFE market. Also, increased demand for better performing polymers as their performance is improved when they are under high temperature and pressure, which is fuelling growth of the global micronized PTFE market.

Stringent regulations imposed on the usage of fluoro-chemicals for ensuring the safety of environment are expected to hamper the micronized PTFE market. Fluro-chemicals are measured environmental agencies like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and greenhouse gases of the U.S. have imposed restrictions on its use, which is propelling growth of the global market for micronized PTFE.

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Growing demand for PTFE and especially the micronized PTFE is encouraging manufacturers to improve their products by investing in research activities. The key players are increasingly focusing on development and present customers with more advanced products that will help them expand their geographical reach. These factors are expected to offer lucrative opportunities over the forecast period.

Use of Micronized PTFE to remain high in Thermoplastic Applications

San Francisco, California, August 10, 2017: Considering the increasing demand for micronized PTFE, leading producers are rolling their sleeves up to offer technologically advanced products to their customers, thus expanding their regional footprint. In a report, titled “Micronized PTFE Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” TMR Research provides a comprehensive round up of the prevailing market trends, covering the various growth drivers and restraints drawing its course. The report is intended to provide exhaustive detail regarding the global micronized PTFE market, coupled with segmentation based on various parameters. Besides this, it presents insights into the prevailing competition, profiling some of the leading companies operating in the global micronized PTFE market.

The demand for micronized PTFE is likely to get stoked further in the coming years on account of the surging penetration of micronized PTFE in the thermoplastic industry. Properties of micronized PTFE such as high tensile strength, low friction, flame abrasion, flame retardancy, and wear resistance have made it useful for use in diverse applications in the thermoplastic industry. In addition, healthy growth witnessed in emerging nations across Asia Pacific has bode well for the PTFE market.

According to the report, industries such as automotive, coatings, electronics, and textiles are witnessing excellent growth in Asia Pacific, which in turn has provided significant impetus to the PTFE market in the region. Also in the forthcoming years, the demand for high performance polymers, which show good performance under extreme temperature, is expected to rise, subsequently creating an environment conducive to the market’s growth.

Despite the aforementioned strong prospects, stringent regulations implemented on the use of fluro-chemicals could hamper the market’s growth to an extent. It is important to note in this regard that fluro-chemicals are identified as greenhouse gases and several environmental agencies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency has implemented various restriction on its use. Nonetheless, over the last few years, the use of micronized PTFE has surged across automotive and textile industries, which will enable growth in the global market in the coming years.

Regionally, Asia Pacific will demonstrate lucrative opportunities for the market. According to the report it is likely to show increasing consumption as well as production of PTFE. Rapid industrialization witnessed in Asia Pacific, besides the expansion of its manufacturing sector will augur well for the region’s micronized PTFE market. The demand witnessed in Asia Pacific is majorly driven by applications such as thermoplastic, ink, and coatings.

Overall, the global micronized PTFE market exhibits a high level of competition, on account of the presence of a large number of companies. Thus it also exhibit a fragmented vendor landscape. Some of the most prominent enterprises operating in the global micronized PTFE market are Micro Powders Inc., Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited, E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company, Shamrock Technologies Inc., Reprolon Texas, Shanghai 3F New Materials Company Ltd., and Solvay S.A.

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