mHealth Apps Market – Know Latest Innovations in the Market

The transformative potential of mobile health (mHealth) apps is being felt again and again, across a wide continuum of care. The proliferation of mHealth apps has paved way to several exciting vistas in healthcare. The mHealth apps market is witnessed rapid rise in revenues from the rapid penetration of these in facilitating and accelerating mental wellbeing, maternal and child care, and chronic disease management. Primary care from home has also witnessed new avenues on the back of the growing use of mHealth apps. These apps are being used extensively by clinicians for keep a detailed record of the vital parameters and other patient’s information.

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Incredible Potential in Managing Chronic Conditions

The ubiquity of smartphones worldwide is a key accelerant for growth in the mHealth apps market. App developers have been exposed to vast opportunities with the objective of meeting a wide range of wellness demands. Over the years, researchers have been zealously testing new apps for diagnosing various chronic conditions in general populations. A case in point is the use of monitoring cardiovascular risks and the heart health parameters using mHealth apps. Numerous chronic diseases with high morbidity have been the target of technology developers in the mHealth apps market.

However, despite the incredible potential these apps have, the adoption rate is slow or the use does not continue for long term. The factors attributing to the low penetration are numerous. Various circumstantial factors have led to decline in positive outcomes of the use of mHealth apps. Design issues may be another factor behind the lack of positive feedback after use for more than five times, found a study. There is a need for companies to invest in studies pertaining to users’ postadoption behaviors to garner steady profits over a long period. There is also a need for governments and regulators to standardize guidelines for more responsive app design.

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