Global Methyltriethoxysilane Market Feeds of Polymer Industry

San Francisco, California, November 22, 2018: A recent report by TMR Research, titled, “Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025,” informs that methyltriethoxysilane, which is an organic compound of silicon, belongs to the organosilicon compound class. Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) is produced in industries from ethanol and trimethylsilyl chloride. The rising usage of methyltriethoxysilane in end use industries is predicted to fuel its market in the next couple of years.

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Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) finds usage mainly as a cross-linking for curing of silicone rubber polymers at normal temperature. It also finds usage as coupling agents for silicon oxide and glass fibers. Further, methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) finds application as a strengthening agent as well during the process of treating and coating plastic materials. Owing to such uses, the polymer industry at present is the largest driver of demand in the global methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market. The stability accorded by methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) makes them perfect for sol-gel systems – it acts as a chain protecting agent against polymerizing agents and water.

Other prominent end users in the global methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market are electronics and construction industries.

With respect to geography, Asia Pacific at present accounts for a dominant share in the market owing to solid pace of industrialization in India, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. This has also led to consumerism and hence demand for plastics. Meanwhile, prominence of North America methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market is because of the solid demand from the chemical industry. The construction industry too is driving demand owing to its need for plastics and sealants. Going forward, the Middle East, Brazil, and South Africa are also expected to have a positive impact on the methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market.

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Prominent participants in the global marmethyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market include Alfa Aesar (Johnson Matthey Group Company), BRB International BV, Asia Silicones Association Ltd., and Wynca Chemicals AG.

Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market – General Outline of Chemical Industry & Forecast 2017 – 2025

Methyltriethoxysilane is considered as an organic compound of silicon, which belongs to the organosilicon compound class. Methyltriethoxysilane is manufactured at an industrial scale from ethanol and trimethylsilyl chloride. The increasing use of methyltriethoxysilane is anticipated to encourage the growth of the overall market in the next few years. The key players operating in the global methyltriethoxysilane market are emphasizing on the expansion of the application base, which is likely to fuel the market’s growth in the coming years.

Among the regional segments, the developing economies in the methyltriethoxysilane market are projected to grow at a substantial rate in the coming years. The high pace of industrialization and the increasing construction activities are estimated to accelerate the growth of the overall market. The rising use of methyltriethoxysilane as water repellants, sealants, stabilizing and coupling agents in the chemical industry is one of the major factors anticipated to supplement the market’s growth in the near future. The high performing characteristics offered by methyltriethoxysilane is likely to contribute significantly towards the development of the overall market in the next few years.

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Furthermore, several new entrants are anticipated to enter the global methyltriethoxysilane market and enhance the competitive scenario of the market in the near future. Advancements in technology and the expansion of the product portfolio, thanks to the rising research and development activities are estimated to encourage the growth of the global methyltriethoxysilane market. These players are predicted to focus on emerging economies, which are expected to help them in enhancing their market presence and attain a leading position across the globe.

Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market: General Outline

Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) (CH3Si(OCH2CH3)3 ) is an organic compound of silicon, belonging to a class of organosilicon compounds known as silanes, which are saturated hydrosilicones and are generally stable due to their high saturation. Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) appears to be a colorless, clear, free flowing liquid, and readily hydrolyzes when mixed with water. The hydrolysis of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) increases in basic solutions and reduces in acidic solutions. It is produced at an industrial scale from trimethylsilyl chloride and ethanol. It has a stable tetrahedral molecular structure, with a low flashpoint that readily catches fire at temperatures beyond 23 to 25 degrees Celsius. Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) is usually supplied at purity levels higher than 98% in the market, and is classified as a toxic chemical and may cause harm when exposed.

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Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market: Inclusive Insights

Silane compounds are commonly used as sealants, water repellents, coupling and stabilizing agents in the chemical industry. Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) is primarily used as a cross-linking agent for curing of silicone rubber polymers at room temperature, and is also used as coupling agents for glass fibers and silicon oxide. It also acts as a strengthening agent, while treating and coating of plastic materials, and is widely used in polymer industry. The stability of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) comes in handy for sol-gel systems, and acts as a chain protecting agent against water and polymerizing agents.

Due to its high performing characteristics, silianes are predominantly used in the polymer industry for manufacturing polysiloxanes. It can be applied as sealants for caulking, used for insulating and sealing in construction industry, and act as semiconductors for electronics among others. The market is therefore expected to grow in the coming years. Demand growth is expected to be driven primarily with the increase of end use industries of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) including construction, polymer, and electronic industries. The market growth is likely to be affected by the availability of substitutes and toxicity of the chemical. On the other hand, the prospective market opportunity is set to increase with new application of polymer manufacture and electronic products among others.

Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market: Regional Overview

Polymer, construction, and electronics industries are the end users of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES), and due to its high demand in Asia Pacific, the region accounts for growing number of consumers. Industrial economies namely, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand are the main consumers of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) for its usage in the manufacture of various plastics and coating materials.

Two of the fastest growing industrial economies of Asia, China and India are the rapidly growing market for polymer industry, and in turn is responsible for driving the demand for methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) and other silanes. Cheap labor availability, land, and comparatively lenient norms and regulations against chemicals, have led several market players to establish their production facilities in Asia. The demand is high for methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) in North America due to its heavy usage in chemical industry, requirement of coatings for plastics and sealants for construction industry, making the region another key market for methyltriethoxysilane (MTES). In due course of time, the demand for methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) is likely to rise in Brazil, South Africa, and the Middle East.

Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market: Key Market Players

The key players of the marmethyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market are: Alfa Aesar (Johnson Matthey Group Company), Asia Silicones Association Ltd., BRB International BV, and Wynca Chemicals AG.

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Vast Use in Polymer Sector Drives Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market

San Francisco, California, July 28, 2017: A recent report by TMR Research presents a thorough analytic account of the global methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) market. The report, titled “Methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025,” states that the steady rise in demand for the compound from the polymer industry will help the market gain traction in the next few years.

Other prominent uses of methyltriethoxysilane are found as sealants and insulators in the construction industry, sealant for caulking, and semiconductor for electronics. Steady demand for the material across these industries is also expected to drive the global methyltriethoxysilane market in the next few years.

However, the easy availability of several substitutes and concerns related of the toxicity of the chemical could negatively affect the growth prospects of the market to some extent. Nevertheless, the applications of methyltriethoxysilane in the polymer and electronics industries could lead to the steady improvement in the market’s prospective growth opportunities over the years.

In terms of geography, the report covers the detailed analysis of the methyltriethoxysilane market in regions such as North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Of these, the Asia Pacific market has been one of the most promising regional markets for methyltriethoxysilane over the past few years. Applications of the chemical across the thriving electronics, construction, and polymer in the region have led to its healthy uptake. Industrial economies in the region, namely India, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand are the key consumers of methyltriethoxysilane for the manufacture of a variety of coating materials and plastics.

India and China, the region’s leading emerging economies, are considered highly optimistic markets for methyltriethoxysilane owing to the rapidly expanding polymer industry, and are key to the overall development of the Asia Pacific methyltriethoxysilane market. Availability of cheap labor and land and relatively lenient regulatory norms as compared to several developed nations against chemicals.

The demand for methyltriethoxysilane is also high in North America owing to the chemical’s vast usage in the plastics, construction, and chemical sectors, making North America a leading regional market for methyltriethoxysilane. In the next few years, the market for methyltriethoxysilane in South Africa, Brazil, and Middle East is also expected to expand at a steady pace.

The report presents a detailed overview of the competitive landscape of the global methyltriethoxysilane market, profiling some of the leading vendors operating in it. Some of the key contributors to the overall development of the global methyltriethoxysilane market are BRB International BV, Alfa Aesar (Johnson Matthey Group Company), Wynca Chemicals AG, and Asia Silicones Association Ltd.