Constrained Budget for Certain Research Projects to Trigger Growth of the Metabolomics Market

The global the global metabolomics market is likely to observe growth over the period of analysis due to the growing prominence of the product. Metabolomics refers to the large-scale examination of small molecules, commonly referred to as metabolites, found inside organisms, tissues, biofluids, or cells. Together, these small molecules and their interactions inside a biological system are called the metabolome. Metabolomics is extensively used in the analysis of several aspects of nutrients utilizing a wide range of samples, starting from biofluids, animal and human tissues, and food and plants. Plant metabolomics is increasingly recognized as a crucial mechanism for conducting examinations of systems biology.

Metabolic profiling of various plants is being carried out to several important areas, which includes pressure responses, development, and growth. It also comprises invention of phenotypic variations that is caused by environmental perturbations or genetic variations. This profiling of plants has been carried out in environmental research for tracking the reaction of wild species to modifications, which include pollution, illnesses, human activities, and temperature, and many other areas.

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Metabolomics and biomarkers are estimated to improve customized therapies and drug development and in the future, especially in highly demanding illnesses, such as infectious illnesses, mental health, most cancers, metabolic illnesses, and cardiovascular conditions. The increasing challenges confronted by the pharmaceutical enterprises, consisting of dwindling discovery pipelines, constrained budget sanctioned for a specific research and development project, growing regulatory control, huge gaps in the future drug markets, are anticipated to drive the development of the global metabolomics market.

Advent of Cutting Edge Analytical Technologies to Bolster Demand in the Market

Personalized medication refers to patient-centered and technology-based customization of prognosis and treatment assessment. Latest trends in analytical technology, including the arrival of high-resolution mass spectrometry, have furnished innovative analytical competencies in metabolomics. It also offered ability to identify more than 10,000 metabolites at a certain point of time. Such trends are commencing new possibilities for the usage of metabolomics in the improvement of precision and customized medicine.

With the advent of biomarkers as a ground breaking drug discovery and diagnostic device, the global metabolomics market is predicted to observe considerable growth.  In addition, a rise in the adoption rate of metabolomics as a study and development tool is likely to add to the growth global metabolomics market in the years to come. Market players relating to the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are increasingly making use of metabolomics as a tool for discovery of drugs. Utilization of the ideas of metabolomics has proven to be an economical option, particularly whilst carrying out toxicological studies on investigational drugs.

Increasing base of geriatric populace worldwide is estimated to trigger the occurrence rates of various target illnesses, particularly various types of cancer and diabetes are likely to amplify growth opportunities of the global metabolomics market. Rising level of patient consciousness together with continuously widening base of target patient populace is further likely to drive the demand for metabolomics in the years to come.

Asia Pacific to Register Rapid Growth of the Regional Market over the Forecast Period

North America is predicted to account for a sizeable chunk of the global metabolomics market over the tenure of assessment. North America is likely to be trailed by Europe. Asia Pacific is forecasted to register rapid growth rate over the forecast tenure. Growth of the market in the Asia Pacific is attributed to the experiments of biomarker development and drug discovery. Increased investment by the prominent market players together with considerable growth in the life science industry is likely to trigger growth of the metabolomics market in the Asia Pacific.

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Technological Advancement and Innovation to Intensify Competition

Some of the prominent vendors profiled in the study of global metabolomics market comprise Phenomenome Discoveries Inc., Human Metabolome Technologies, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Bio- Rad Laboratories, Inc., Biocrates Life Sciences AG, and Agilent Technologies, Inc. The global metabolomics market is a highly fragmented market and comprises both regional and international competitors. Companies rely on innovation and technological advancement for coming up with new offerings so as to widen reach.

Metabolomics Market closely linked to latest analytical technologies 2025

Global Metabolomics Market: Snapshot

Metabolomics is the examination of small molecules, commonly known as metabolites. Such molecules are typically found inside cells, tissues, biofluids, or organisms. The interaction of such small molecules in a biological system are known as the metabolome. Metabolomics is done on a large scale.

Metabolomics is a powerful tool since metabolites and their concentrations directly reveal the underlying biochemical activity and condition of cells and tissues. The four conceptual approaches in metabolomics are metabolite profiling, target analysis, metabolomics, and metabolic fingerprinting.

The swiftly rising domain of metabolomics consists of strategies to uncover and quantify cellular metabolites leveraging latest analytical technologies along with statistical and multi-variant methods for extracting information and analyzing data.

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The past 20 years saw impressive strides being made in the sequencing of numerous organisms. Massive amounts were also earmarked for building analytical approaches to study various cell products, such as those from gene expression, metabolites, and proteins. All such approaches, namely genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics are crucial tools used to comprehend an organism’s and its reaction to genetic perturbation or environmental stimuli.

Metabolomics finds application in determining gene function, phenotyping of genetically modified plants and substantial equivalence testing, and understanding responses to abiotic and biotic stress. Metabolomics thus bridges the gap between phenotype and genotype, offering an understanding of how cells function, along with uncovering of novel or striking changes in particular metabolites. Analysis and mining of metabolomic data sets and their metadata has the potential to bring about new hypotheses and targets for biotechnology.

Metabolomics, however, is hamstrung on account of the wide array of chemical structures with no one technology present to study the complete metabolome. Hence, quite a few additional approaches have to be set for extracting, detecting, quantifying, and identifying the metabolites.

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Global Metabolomics Market: Overview

Metabolomics refer to the study of the metabolites that exist within an organism, tissue, or a cell. Processes such as interpretation, quantification, identification, and profiling are used for the understanding the entire set of metabolites in a given biological system. This fairly new field of science is gaining attention as it is provides a comprehensive outlook of the phenotype of organelles, tissues, cells, organs, and whole organisms as compared to RNA, DNA, or protein profile.

Global Metabolomics Market: Key Trends

Soaring investments in both private players and government bodies in research and development of efficient metabolomics. The global market is expected to be supported by the continuous technological advancements and the untapped potential of the emerging economies. Furthermore, the increasing expenditure on biotechnology research and development has also had a positive impact on the global market. Metabolomics have gained a prime spot in the field of medicine has they offer a deeper understanding of way diseases function. Furthermore, they provide accurate protein profiling. Today, bioinformatics-based metabolomics are being used in clinical research, pharmaceutical research, plant and animal phenotyping, nutrition research, food and beverage analysis, environmental science, and biofuel development.

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Global Metabolomics Market: Market Potential

Several market players are focusing on mergers and acquisition to acquire newer talent and expertise to their existing pool. Companies are also expected to resort to collaborating with smaller and local players to expand their geographic reach. In line with the same sentiment, Metabolon Inc. recently announced that will take part in a larger studies that using metabolomics to understand large population health issues. For the same purpose, the Company has joined hands with Alex Forrest-Hay, Vice President of Population Health. This move is aimed at the maximizing the value of combining metabolomics and genomics to determine the risk of targets and facts for developing preventive healthcare.

Thus, the ongoing collaborations and joint ventures are being targeted toward studying health conditions of large groups of people over a period of time to gain a valuable insight of the nature of diseases, disorders, and various evolving conditions. The field of metabolomics is expected find ample of scope for growth in this area has it is known to deliver precision-driven results.

Global Metabolomics Market: Regional Outlook

From the geographic point of view, the global metabolomics market is segmented into North America, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. The report suggests that North America is slated to dominate the global market in the coming years due to a robust research infrastructure and a growing demand for personalized medicines. The high acceptance of technologically advanced products is also anticipated to support the regional market’s rise as a leading geographic segment in the global during the forecast period.

The study mentions that Asia Pacific is also expected to crucial to the progress of the global metabolomics market. A huge pool of aging population, which brings with a range of illnesses has given the pharmaceutical companies in the region an edge over others. Additionally, the growing demand for improved healthcare and pharmaceutical products, investments in life sciences, and demand for access to healthcare facilities have collectively opened up new avenues for growth for the Asia Pacific metabolomics market.

Key Players Mentioned in this Report are:

The chief operating players directing the progress and pace of the global metabolomics market are LECO Corporation, Shimadzu Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Bruker Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Waters Corporation, Human Metabolome Technologies Inc., and Metabolon Inc.

Metabolomics Market Benefits from Rising Life Science R&D Activities

San Francisco, California, January 25, 2018: A recent market research report by TMR Research presents a thorough analytical account of the global metabolomics market. The report is titled “Metabolomics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” The report states that despite the nascent stage of development of this field of science, developments across it are expected to happen at a promising pace in the next few years as it provides a much detailed picture of the phenotype of tissues, cells, organelles, organs, and whole organisms compared to protein profile or RNA and DNA.

The report states that the market will significantly benefit from a vast rise in research and development activities in the life sciences sector across the globe. The rising prevalence of a number of chronic diseases and the rise in demand for innovative and more effective treatment methods are expected to have a positive impact on the rate of development of the global metabolomics market over the report’s forecast period.

The market has witnessed an unprecedented rise in investments from both private and government bodies in the recent years and has led to the introduction of efficient metabolomics. The market is being supported massively from the continuous rise in technological advancements and will benefit from increased focus of companies on exploiting the vast untapped growth opportunities in developing economies.

Owing to the rising level of competition, companies are putting increased emphasis on strategic collaborations with the view of expanding their consumer bases and product portfolios. Acquisitions of smaller regional players have also increased significantly in the past years as companies focus on emerging economies for sustained growth opportunities.

Geographically, the report covers the metabolomics market for North America, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. The report states that the market in North America, which presently holds the dominant position in the global market, is also expected to remain the dominant regional market over the forecast period owing to the highly conducive research and development scenario for the life sciences sector and a well-established healthcare infrastructure in the region. The early adoption of technologically advanced medical devices is also expected to work in favor of the regional market over the report’s forecast period.

The report states that the market in Asia Pacific will expand at the most promising pace in the global market over the forecast period. Factors such as the rising pool of geriatrics, which is a demographic that is more susceptible to a number of diseases, increased expenditure on healthcare, rising disposable incomes, and the rising demand for improved healthcare infrastructure are all working in favor of the regional market. The Asia Pacific metabolomics market is also expected to benefit massively from the thriving pharmaceutical sector, increased investment in research and development in the life sciences sector, and the increased focus on advancement of the region’s healthcare sector.

The report also includes a detailed overview of the competitive dynamics of the global metabolomics market. The report profiles some of the leading companies in the market and presents an overview of recent developments. Companies operating in the global metabolomics market profiled in the report include Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.,Shimadzu Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Human Metabolome Technologies Inc., Bruker Corporation, Danaher Corporation, LECO Corporation, Metabolon Inc., and Waters Corporation.

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