Growing Prominence in the Healthcare Industry to Drive Global Mesitylene Market

Mesitylene refers to a colourless fluid that comes with a sweet aromatic odor. It is an important component of coal tar. Mesitylene is derived from coal tar and other natural sources. The utilization of mesitylene can lead to the development of various dye intermediates, such as benzoic anhydride, trimesic acid, and toluene. The product also finds use on the making of plasticizers, alkyd resins, stabilizer, polyester resin curing agent, and antioxidants. High demand for the product for use in such a wide variety of applications is likely to work in favour of the global mesitylene market in the years to come.

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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is powered by the progress in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which paves way for rapid growth of the global mesitylene market in the near future. Demand from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is driven by various health-related benefits of mesitylene.

Demand to Ride on the Back of High Demand from Chemical Industries

The growth of the global mesitylene market is likely to be influenced by the rapid growth of the dyes and pigments and colors industry. The demand for dyes and colors is rising exponentially, thanks to its growing usage from a number of industries. There has been a rise in demand for colorants and pigments from food and beverage, automotive, and textile industries, which is likely to fuel the demand for mesitylene in the near future.

In addition to that, a rise in the demand for aviation fuel due to the increasing number of aerospace fleet is likely to work in favour of the global mesitylene market in the forthcoming years. Mesitylene finds use as a precursor in the making of several fine chemicals. In some parts of the world, chemical industries are witnessing support from the government to produce more and useful fine chemicals. Such support to the chemical industry is estimated to lead to better performance and production capacities of the industry, which is likely to foster growth of the global mesitylene market in the period of analysis.

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