Mercedes-Benz to Introduce Redesigned Version of G-Class

The reveal date of the first completely redesigned G-Class of Mercedes-Benz is nearing. The new SUV will be introduced on January 15, 2018 at the North American International Auto Show slated to take place in Detroit, Michigan. However, the auto giant has already let some of the details to slip out. This redesigning is the most prominent change to the G-Class series since its original launch, which was back in 1979. The new design includes an aluminum and steel body, a new ladder frame chassis, and a plush interior equipped with S-Class level of luxury. In terms of robustness, the new G-Class series, 2019 model – due in showrooms by the end of this year – will be as tough as its former counterparts. The car is still in the testing phase and the automaker is carrying out the tests at Schöckl Mountain, which is very close to the G-Class manufacturing plant in Graz, Austria.

The 3.5-mile track at Schöckl Mountain consists of gradients of up to 60% and the lateral inclinations of 40%. The prototypes for the new machine have already covered over 1,200 miles on the grueling track, and, as per the company, they are doing it with strikingly more comfort and control than ever before. That is all because Mercedes has deployed an independent suspension with dual wishbones on the front axle, which, according to the company, is far better than the setup on the previous generations.