Medium and Large Satellite Market Promises to Skyrocket Growth with GPS

The rising demand for advanced GPS solutions promise major growth for the medium and large satellite market. Many private entities seek individualised GPS services to maintain control on their network, and get independent information through location tracking to enable a wide range of services. Moreover, several countries are deploying an advanced infrastructure in order to map their geography, and provide access to global players to improve infrastructure, and earn revenues. India has announced that it will be sending several satellites into space to map its entire geography to enable independent, and potentially commercially lucrative access to several private players. The possible players in the market can include companies in the transport business. Currently, the likes of Uber play billions of dollars each year to third-parties like Google to use their mapping technology to run operations. Moreover, the growth of cost-effective satellite technology, and reliable delivery will drive new opportunities for commercialisation in the small and medium satellite market.

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Telecom Promises to Open Robust Opportunities for Growth

Satellite can bring in many advancements to today’s communication technology. These can create global networks, which can remove current barriers and provide a flexible way of communication. Moreover, these are more versatile, and support various forms of communication unlike other technologies. Furthermore, satellite technology can also provide high-bandwidths for high-intensive applications, and rich-multimedia experience for users. The limitation of current radio signals, and increasing cost-effective nature of satellite technology will likely drive major opportunities for growth in the telecommunication sector for players in the small and medium satellite market. Additionally, satellite communication or its radio waves promise a step up on radio communication which relies on line of sight. The conventional communication faces various barriers, and remains problematic in making global connections. However, satellites can relay signals around the curve of the earth, and connect two distinct geographical points. The advanced capability of these solutions is likely to drive robust growth.

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