Medical Radiation Shielding Market Driven by Improving Healthcare Infrastructure

San Francisco, California, October 12, 2017: As per the findings of a fresh commerce and business study by TMR Research, the competitive landscape of the global medical radiation shielding market is distributed among a small quantity of key players, who have established themselves over the years and will continue to dominate via their financial might and technological expertise. The report identifies Ray-Bar Engineering Corp, ETS-Lindgren, Nelco, Inc., Radiation Protection Products, MarShield, Gaven Industries, Inc., A&L Shielding, Veritas Medical Solutions LLC, Amray, and Global Partners in Shielding, Inc. as some of the prominent companies currently holding a position of strength in the global medical radiation shielding market.

The report, compiled by a group of professional market research analysts, aspires to serve as a decision-making document for the stockholders of this market such as medical radiation shielding product manufacturers, distributors, and providers, hospitals, diagnostic centers, research and consulting firms, venture capitalists, and regulatory bodies. The report is a summation of in-depth analysis all factors that may define the demand in the market for medical radiation shielding during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025, divides it into smaller segments of various aspects, and explores the competitive landscape in order to represent the possibilities of entrance of new players.

The report has detected that a number of factors are favoring the medical radiation shielding market, such as growing incidences of cancer across the world, increasing number of diagnostic imaging centers, with which installation base of radiology equipment has escalated, improving awareness regarding safety around radiation-prone environment among the consumers, rapid prosperity of the healthcare sector in a number of emerging economies, and growing rate of insurance-policy holders among the urban population. On the other hand, the cost of MRI systems must come done for it to be truly useful for a larger base of consumers. In addition to that, declining reimbursement rate for MRI procedures, lack of skilled radiation professionals, and dearth of medical physicists are some of the other restraints that are obstructing the prosperity of the global medical radiation shielding market. Nevertheless, the vendors of this market can always concentrate on emerging economies to find new consumers, even though at reduced margin but in greater volume.

Product-wise, the global medical radiation shielding market can be categorized into shields, barriers, and booths, x-day rooms, sheet lead, lead bricks, lead glass, lead bricks, lead lined door and windows, lead lined plywood or drywalls, lead acrylic, and MRI shielding products. The global medical radiation shielding market can be segment on the basis solution into radiation therapy shielding, which includes linear accelerator, multimodality, proton therapy, cyclotron, and brachytherapy and diagnostic shielding, which can be further sub-segmented into PET and SPECT, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine, and X-ray. Based on end-user, this market can be bifurcated into hospitals and diagnostic centers. Geographically, the report takes stock of the potential of medical radiation shielding market in every important region and country. Some of current key regions for this market are North America including the country of the U.S., Europe that houses France, Germany, and the U.K., and Asia Pacific, wherein India, China, North Korea, and Japan are progressing impressively. The report offers evaluations and estimations of the revenue available in each of these country and regions as a whole, apart from global figures. The aim of the report is to notify its buyers which exact country to invest on, by reviewing their potential, studying local government’s policies, and buying capability of the end-users.

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