Rising Demand for Processed Meat to Lead to Positive Development of Meat Processing Equipment Market

San Francisco, California, July 12, 2017: Food preferences, habits, tastes, and lifestyles of the world population have significantly contributed to the growth of the global meat processing equipment market. A report by TMR Research, titled “Meat Processing Equipment Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Volume, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” sheds light on how factors such as the busy lives of people and rising demand for meat have increased the demand for meat processing equipment globally. The report also speaks about the possible impediments faced by the global market for meat processing equipment as an increasing number of people are inclining toward vegan diets due to health risks associated with prolonged meat consumption.

Meat processing has become a crucial factor in presenting meat as a valued edible product compared to the other foods. Meat processing has come a long way from the conventional farm-based activities to the global mass-producing meat corporates. The rising global demand for meat has led to massive production of equipment that can effectively handle large quantities of the meat while also not compromising the qualitative aspect. The TMR report on the global meat processing equipment market concentrates mainly on the basic categorization, regional assessment and predominantly on the competitive landscape.

The global meat processing equipment market can be categorized into four types namely -type of equipment, type of meat processed, type of meat products that are sold, and region-based distribution.

The three most common forms of meat in the market are pork, mutton, and beef. There are multiple ways to process these meat such as grinding, smoking, dicing, and cutting. A variety of processing equipment in the market have their unique functions and processing types to cater to the specific needs of the meat processing industry. There has been a high rise in demand for each of the type of processing equipment to achieve high quality processing of meat and produce commercially viable products such as dried, cured, raw cooked, and freshly processed meat.

In terms of geography, the global meat processing equipment market is dominated by North America and Europe. The report expects other regions such as Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa to significantly contribute to the rising demand for processed meat and thus, present substantial growth avenues to the meat processing equipment market.

The leading corporates in the global meat processing equipment market are GEA Group AG, JBT Corporation, Illinois Tool Works Inc., Heat and Control, and Key Technology Inc. etc. The report includes profiles of the aforementioned companies alongside several others to provide insights into the market’s vendor landscape.