Increased Preference for Organic Materials in Skin Care Products Driving Marula Oil Market

Skin health and appearance are the trending topics grabbing the attention of the worldwide population today. While there is tremendous increase in use of skincare products, the majority of people are conscious about the ingredients used in these products. There is rising preference in the use of organic products such as marula oil. Moreover, it is one of the key organic ingredients used in various beauty and skin care products. This worldwide trend is supporting the development of the global marula oil market.

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Marula oil is rich in protein and minerals. It offers anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties. Moreover, the increasing use of marula oil in the diverse industries such as cosmetic, food and beverages, and others is bolstering the marula oil market across the globe. The high nutritional value, stability, and heat resistance are some of the key qualities of marula oil due to which the demand for this oil in food industry is consistently growing. In addition, the anti-bacterial property of marula oil is one of the key factor assisting in the advancement of the global marula oil market.

Among Key Regions, South Africa Demonstrating Promising Advancement

The South Africa region is boosting the overall growth of marula oil market as the majority of population in this region prefers using marula oil as its traditional cooking oil. Moreover, the increased use of this oil in global population is fueling the overall market for marula oil.

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The present status of marula oil market on global level is vastly competitive. Metiista, Marula Natural Products (Pty) Ltd, Lonza Group, African Botanics, ROK Stars PLC, Natural Sourcing, LLC, and Acure Organics are the key players contributing to the development of the global marula oil market. Various companies are using marula oil in personal care products as it helps in softening and revitalizing the skin.