Better Understanding of the Tribology Enables Players to Spur Innovation in Lubrication Systems

Improvements in the flow measuring instrumentation have led to improvements in performance of lubrication systems. The lubrication systems market evolved from their growing role in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of machinery in numerous industries by lubricating moving parts or components, especially compressors. For at least a decade, a range of compressors find application of lubrication systems. The choice of materials used as lubricants varies and depends on the physical conditions and machinery requirements. The key aim to enhance the service life by reducing the corrosion and reduce the downtime. Additionally, the systems also help in regulating the correct temperature for functioning.

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Automatic Systems Gain Traction

Better understanding of the tribology has helped spur product innovations in the lubrication systems market. Advancements in a range of anti-friction bearings have helped expand revenue potential for players in the market.

New formulations have come to the fore. Further, automatic lubrication systems have gathered steam among facility managers. These systems are characterized by the potential to dispense right amounts of lubricants and oil and at right places. Automation has led to cost reduction as well as performance increase.

Multi-point Lubrication Systems Gather Increased Adoption in Heavy Industries

Sheer pace of industrialization in developing regions such as Asia Pacific has augmented the potential of lubrication systems. Adoption of automatic lubrication systems in heavy machinery is growing in these regions. This is a key trend in the construction industry where lubrication systems have been mainstreamed into routine maintenance work. In this regard, the application has seen the growing popularity of multi-point lubricators, where dispensing occurs from a single station. Such systems have gathered traction in the steel and cement industries.

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The adoption of better hydraulic actuation technology for multi-point lubrication systems is also bolstering the prospects of the lubrication systems market. Another large momentum has come from the adoption of lubrications systems in the aerospace and defense applications.