Global Low E Glass Market Growing on Back of Increasing Demand for Energy Efficient Glass

Low-emissivity or simply Low E glass aims to minimize ultraviolet light pass through glass without hindering the amount of light. It is popularly used in residential and commercial settings. This is because these glasses have a thin coating on it that reflects heat and allow light particles to enter. The global low E glass market is soaring owing to the increasing demand to maintain thermal performance of windows. Further, low E glass market is cost effective and energy efficient. Some other factors which may influence growth in the global low E glass market are as below –

Increasing demand for energy saving products is one of the key drivers of the global low E glass market. The number of skyscrapers in cities worldwide are increasing at a rapid rate. These buildings use curtains to prevent heating. With the introduction of low E glass it has become so easy to prevent heat particles to pass through glass of skyscrapers. Low E Glass helps to save energy by not allowing heat to pass through glass. This is one of the major drivers of global low E glass market.

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The players in the global low E glass market are spending huge amounts in advertising of the product. This is creating awareness among the people to use e glass in their homes and in commercial spaces. In fact, builders too prefer low-e glass structures owing to its energy conservation properties.

On the basis of region, Europe holds the prominent share in the global low E glass market. This is mainly because of the numerous initiatives taken by the government of the region to promote energy efficient products.

Apart from this, rise in number of construction activities plays a major role in increasing the growth of global low E glass market.

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