Logistics Gains Colossal Demand with Rise of Online Shopping

San Francisco, California, July 26, 2018 – The global logistics market is anticipated to improve growth with high demand for specialized and customized services in the industry. A report by TMR Research digs deep into market dynamics, market segmentation, and competitive landscape of the market to offer a complete analysis. It carries the title “Logistics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” Logistics services can help an industry to grow and realign business strategies. There could be high growth prospects birthed on the back of the rapid growth of the ecommerce industry.

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Logistics plays the part of a cross-functional link between different industries. Growth of the market could be boosted as B2B commercial networks are used at a rising rate in manufacturing supply chains for demand and supply. On the other hand, introduction of new services and production development are foreseen to set the tone for valuable growth in the global logistics market. In the recent years, Asia Pacific is said to have showcased its dominance in the market. This could be on account of the rise in demand for logistics in prime economies such as India, Singapore, and China. North America could be another lucrative region of the market, considering the increase in trade activities observed in the U.S.

Europe could bank on Germany for its growth in the global logistics market. Latin America and the Rest of the World are envisioned to offer quick growth opportunities in the next few years. Argentina and Brazil could emerge as potential markets for logistics during the course of the forecast period. As trade relations with other developing countries continue to strengthen, these countries are projected to show decent growth in the market.

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The global logistics market marks the presence of leading players such as Ceva Holdings LLC, Robinson Worldwide, Inc., and FedEx Corp.

Logistics Market – Huge Growth Opportunities for Players by 2025

Global Logistics Market: Overview

Logistics offer businesses advantages such as enhanced delivery performance, reduced operational costs, and improved customer satisfaction, and are thus, becoming increasingly popular. The growth of ecommerce is one of the key factors boosting the global logistics market. The popularity of online shopping is increasing and with it, the demand for logistics services. Applications that are adopting logistic services on a wide scale include healthcare, retail, transportation, manufacturing, government and public utilities, media and entertainment, banking and financials, telecommunications, IT, and trade. It is expected that the use of logistic services will increase significantly in the coming years and this will strengthen the market across the globe.

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Global Logistics Market: Key Trends

The role of logistics as a cross functional link between industries will ensure that the logistics market will continue to grow as it has to adjust to the changes that occurs in every industry that it facilitates its services to. Although this acts as one of the challenges for the logistics market, if seen from a positive angle, it also enables the market to continuously progress and develop, thus creating opportunities of growth.

One of the trends that can be seen in today’s world, is the need for customized and specialized services and logistics services thus comes into picture. Logistics services can be used to realign strategies and ensure growth of any industry to which it is applied. The market environment today is volatile and the rage of online shopping or ecommerce is providing logistics providers considerable growth opportunities.

Global Logistics Market: Market Potential

It is anticipated that a majority of the manufacturing supply chains will make use of business to business commerce networks for their supply and demand, new product developments, and other services. This in turn is expected to boost the global logistics market.

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FedEx Express, a key market player intends to start a new flight in April 2017, which will connect, the Liège to the Memphis. This is expected to offer global TNT customers a direct access to FedEx services in Canada and the U.S. Such developments are expected to continue to drive the global logistics market.

Global Logistics Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific, led by countries such as China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan was the most lucrative market for logistics in the recent past. The North American logistics market, too has grown considerably owing to growing trade activities between the U.S. and Europe. Among European countries, Germany is a key market for logistics. The Rest of the World is expected to be the most promising regional segment and is expected to expand at a high CAGR in the coming years. Latin America is anticipated to be the most lucrative market for logistics in the Rest of the World, whereas Brazil and Argentina are expected to emerge as potential markets in the future owing to their increasing trade relations with other developing nations.

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Global Logistics Market: Competitive Landscape

Key players in this market include FedEx Corp. (U.S.), C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (U.S.), Ceva Holdings LLC (U.K.), UTi Worldwide Inc. (U.S.), Expeditors International of Washington Inc. (U.S.), Deutsche Post DHL Group (Germany), J.B. Hunt Transport Services (U.S.), Kenco Group (U.S.), Americold Logistics, LLC (U.S.), XPO Logistics Inc. (U.S.), United Parcel Service, Inc. (U.S.),

Thriving eCommerce Sector Ups Demand for Advanced Logistics

San Francisco, California, May 11, 2017: A recently added report by TMR Research, titled, “Logistics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025,” examines every facet of the market to assess its size, competitive dynamics, and growth prospects.

With a massive upswing in trade worldwide, the logistics industry has rose to prominence. Logistics brings about improved delivery performance and higher customer satisfaction. It also slashes operational costs. On account of so many benefits, its market has been expanding at a cracking pace globally.

As per the report, of the plethora of industries, the ecommerce sector is proving to be a frontrunner in pushing up demand in the global logistics market owing to the spike in online shopping. In fact, established logistics services providers are competing with tech-savvy newcomers to gain greater market share in the lucrative e-commerce pie.

Apart from the ecommerce segment, other sectors that are stoking significant growth in the market are retail, healthcare, banking and financials, manufacturing, telecommunications, IT, and government and public utilities.

In order to study the global logistics market in-depth, the report segments it depending upon the type of transport infrastructure into railways, roadways, waterways, and airways. Among them, road freight transport is used the most globally and grosses maximum revenue. This is because of the flexibility of operations, reliability, easy accessibility, and availability of door-to-door services. In terms of volume of freight, waterways lead the market.

Depending upon the logistics model, the market is again segregated into first-party logistics, second-party logistics, third-party logistics, and others. Of them, the second-party logistics contributes the most vis-à-vis revenue.

From a geographical standpoint, Asia Pacific, powered by countries such as China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, is considered the most attractive logistics market on account of a large manufacturing base. North America is another key logistics market whose growth has been primarily brought about by the increasing trade between the U.S. and Europe. In Europe, Germany holds an important role in the logistics market. Driving growth in the two continents is also the developed road infrastructure. Latin America is another potential market where Brazil and Argentina are predicted to drive demand in the near future.

To assess the competition prevailing in the global market for logistics, the report profiles players such as FedEx Corp., C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Ceva Holdings LLC, UTi Worldwide Inc., Expeditors International of Washington Inc., Deutsche Post DHL Group, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Kenco Group, Americold Logistics, LLC, XPO Logistics Inc., and United Parcel Service, Inc.