Advertisers Harness LED Modular Display Technologies for Innovative Campaigns

LED modular displays have expanded the avenue for proponents of the advertisement industry. A variety of LED modular displays find use in outdoor events as they enable brands cater to different size and configurations within a set advertising budget. Advancement being made in digital display technologies is key trend boosting the LED modular displays market. Some of the commonly emerging applications of LED modular displays are railway stations, airports, bus stops, retail stores, auditoriums, and shopping malls. Over the years, developing economies have seen the growing number of live events and concerts in multiplexes. This has fueled the prospective demand for LED modular displays for gaining seamless images and high-resolution video content streaming features.

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Manufacturers Keen on Meeting Customization Needs

Manufacturers have been relentlessly making design innovation to meet the consumer demand. The focus areas are the freedom in installation, control mechanism, and media technologies. End users in the LED modular display market have gained access to new content configurations. The popularity of LED video walls is growing among media and broadcasting industries and sporting event managers. A variety of interactive technologies have expanded the choice for these end users, augmenting the revenue potential in the LED modular display market.

Top players are keen on meeting customization requirements of end users in the LED modular display market. A growing number of players are attempting innovations on the lines of offering scalability in real-world environments. Companies are interlocked with fierce competition to gain a stronghold in the market. Several players have expanded their research and development funding to accelerate the development of innovative technologies for LED modular display market. They are targeting high-traffic application areas to meet wide cross-section of demand. Some of the well-entrenched players in the LED modular display market are Daktronics, Barco N.V., and Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co. Ltd.

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