Landline Phones Make a Comeback with Amazon’s Echo Show

The long-forgotten landline telephone is getting back on its feet, thanks to the recent launch of Echo Show, Amazon’s newest landline device that comes with a touchscreen and a camera. The smartphone is a device that most people cannot do without, while most drawing rooms have shoved away their landline phones to dusty corners. Amazon has therefore strategically addressed the need to reintroduce landline telephones in the global market.

Echo Show Uses Voice as Primary user Interface

Featuring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and two powerful speakers, the new device’s display is quite similar to the original Amazon Echo’s. More like an information display than a built-in Android tablet, the Amazon Echo can stream your favorite songs. Although you can use the touchscreen display to start, stop, or pause the music, your voice will be used as the key user interface.

Elderly Population to Find Echo Show More User-friendly than Smartphones

An entirely new feature has been added to the device — video calling. With Apple bringing back video calls in vogue via FaceTime, Amazon is also set upon rejuvenating the trend. Since people rarely prefer cold calling these days and turn instead to texting, Whatsapping, and Snapping frequently, Amazon has been trying to make phone calls less intimidating. When you call a person and he/she is not at home, you would not be interrupting anything as the person will not receive a notification.

The elderly population will find Echo Show more user-friendly than a common smartphone. It will bring family members together, thus gaining increasing popularity. Also, by virtue of Echo Dot, Amazon believes you require an Echo not just in every single home, but in every single room.