High Protein Content stirs demand for Krill Meal from large Populations

The upsurge in demand for foods rich in protein from a large population for bone strength and muscle strength, which was previously mostly limited to sportspersons, is a significant factor fuelling the krill meal market. Krill meal is a specialty food ingredient manufactured using krill –¬† a small, shrimp-like crustacean. Krill meal is usually manufactured in dry form and is passed through antioxidant treatment for improved shelf life.

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Notable rise in health enthusiast population all over the world is also influencing the demand for krill meal. This population is inclined towards consuming a balanced diet incorporating adequate protein for bone and muscle strength. Krill meal is considered a good source of protein same as several sea foods. Krill meal also helps for weight gain, which makes it popular among lean individuals.

Besides protein, krill meal is rich in amino acids and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is another key factor for its uptick in demand. Growing popularity of krill meal for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties bolsters the krill meal market.

Launch of New Products focus of keen players

The vendor landscape of the krill meal market is intensely competitive due to the presence of many active players. Keen players are engaging in a number of growth strategies to combat the competition and maintain a foothold in the krill meal market. R&D for product improvement and new products is a key growth strategies of large players in the krill meal market. Improvement of supply chain logistics and expansion of distribution network are also some strategies large players are adopting to stay competitive.

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Some large players in the krill meal market include Qrill, La Merced, Sunflower Enterprise, SEAPRO, SipCarp, Shandong Keruier Biological Company, CYT INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD, and NUTRAFEED. North America is home to some large players in the krill meal market. This, along with high consumption of krill meal makes the region prominent in the overall krill meal market.