New Drug to Improve Treatment of Advanced Kidney Cancer

A combination of two drugs, of which one of them is a immunotherapy agent, has better effects over existing drugs for treating advanced kidney cancer. Recent clinical trials show that patients who received immunotherapy agent avelumab along with axitinib did not exhibit progression of the infection. On the other hand, patients who took sunitinib (a targeted drug – Sutent) had to battle the disease’s progression. Investigators from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute published these findings recently.

This findings were part of a presentation at the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium 2019 in San Francisco. Furthermore, The New England Journal of Medicine has published the study.

Two-Drug Therapy – An Impact Full Medicine for All Groups

Though patients did not witness disease progression, researchers felt follow-up is essential to know more about the two-drug therapy. Further, in the clinical trial, 886 patients with kidney cancer took the drug combination or sunitinib alone.

Moreover, the result of combination treatment reflected well on patients of all sub-groups consisting poor, good, and intermediate risk patients. However, patients in all sub-groups experienced some level of side effects. In the combination treatment group, approximately 38% patients suffered immunity issues. Thyroid was a recurring issue found among 107 patients.
Moreover, the use of combination therapy is an important option for patients with advanced diseases. Discoveries like this will prove remedy for advanced kidney cancers, a chronic disease.