Brewery Trend Leads to Japan’s Sapporo Acquiring SF’s Anchor Brewery

Along with the increasing trend of craft breweries, the popularity of lager beers has been rising exponentially. Of late, big names in breweries have been partnering with notable names in the craft world at a brisk pace. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Japan’s Sapporo Holdings would want to acquire a well-known name from the craft brewing industry. San Francisco-based Anchor Brewery, which boasts of being America’s ‘first’ craft brewery, declared itself to be acquired by Sapporo Holdings of Japan. Sapporo is one of the oldest Japanese breweries, and stands out among a number of food giants in Japan.

Anchor Representatives Assure Recipes to Remain Unchanged

Anchor brewery is popular for its trademark ‘steam beer’ and patrons need not be worried about possible changes in their favorite drink. The brewery maintains that while Sapporo has taken over Anchor, the brewing process will still take place in a completely non-diminishing way. Anchor will continue to operate its original brewery and keep using their trademark recipes, while the acquisition will be an entirely new operation. Sapporo also stated in a press release that, with the addition of Anchor’s strong brand presence to their holdings, they expect a hefty rise in their U.S. beer business profile. This deal between Anchor and Sapporo is another example of relatively smaller craft breweries being bought off by global enterprises to strengthen their presence in the worldwide market.