Japan’s 2030 Man to Moon Mission

After a long journey and history of countries and space station sending their astronauts to the moon, Japan has now planned to send a man to the at the most by 2030. This was announced recently by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency run by the government of Japan. It is for the first time that Japan has expressed it wish on sending a man to moon after all the journeys mad as of yet. It has revealed that it wishes to send its astronauts afar the International Space Station and is expected to be the part of a noteworthy international space mission. The announcement was made on Wednesday by the space agency of Japan.

Further Plans

Japan, in its announcement further added that this is just the newest in a long queue of aspiring space exploration plans to be taken by Asian countries. It has been projected that Japan tool this step to get ahead of the space power related competition that has been associated with prestige. The echoing Cold War in terms space race is set to give rise to many such prestige establishing mission.

Recently in the end of the 2016 December, China also announced its plans to a send a rover to Mars by the end of 2020 and also expressed its vision to make a manned mission to moon at some time in the near future. In this space rat race among the Asia Pacific regions, India also has plans to take off its subsequent unmanned lunar assignment which is the successor mission of the 2008 mission to moon which helped India gain the fourth spot as a country to land on moon after the United States, Russia, and China in successive order.