Innovations and Developments to Propel IT Robotic Automation Market Globally

San Francisco, California, Apr 24, 2017: A new research study by TMR Research, titled “IT Robotic Automation Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025,” offers a detailed overview of the market. In the last few years, robotic automation has become a vital part of business processes worldwide, owing to which the market is estimated to witness high growth in the coming few years. The increasing demand from diverse industries and the technological advancements in this field are projected to bolster global market in the coming few years.

The increasing use of robotic automation in back office processes, support processes, workflow processes, and IT management is predicted to boost the demand for IT robotic automation market in the forecast period. The scalability, flexibility, and efficiency provided by IT robotic automation is another key factor encouraging the growth of the market in the near future. However, the lack of awareness among customers regarding the benefits of IT robotic automation is likely to curtail the growth of the market in the near future.

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North America is anticipated to witness a remarkable growth throughout the forecast period, owing to the rapid development of the computing technologies. In addition, the emergence of the IT sector and the presence of prominent players in this regions are estimated to generate promising growth opportunities for the key players operating in the North America market for IT robotic automation. Furthermore, the competition among the key players in the market is expected to rise in the coming few years.

IT Robotic Automation Market Expected to Grow at an Encouraging Pace by 2025

Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Snapshot

Robotic automation refers to a system wherein a machine or computer application mimics human actions to perform process-based tasks. Any enterprise that is dependent on labor on a large scale for general knowledge processing work, where individuals are carrying out highly transactional, high-volume process functions will enhance their capabilities with robotic process automation, which will translate into revenue.

IT-driven robotic automation is revolutionizing the way businesses work. They support workflow processes, business processes, remote infrastructure, IT support processes, and back-office work. Furthermore, they improve cycle time dramatically and help increase productivity in transaction processing while at the same time elevate the nature of work by eliminating people from monotonous, repetitive tasks.

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Robotic automation technology can be applied across several industries. They are used for process automation, automated resistant, and IT support and management for improving productivity and compliance accuracy irrespective of industry and application. It can be used to carry out number of tasks to be performed quickly and accurately every time. This includes optimizing resources, cutting costs, 24by7 productivity, speed, and accuracy.

A robotic automation software works by means of a central management module that oversees the queue of tasks, monitors process completion, and allocates robotic resources as per need at any given time. As the size of an enterprise grows, the power of robotic automation can be scaled up to match changing needs. Robotic automation has the capability to track transaction successes and failures, track number of transactions and waiting time, and functional status of each robot. Not only this, it provides an alert when manual supervision is needed during process runtime.

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Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Overview

Robotic automation has become an integral part of major business processes across the world. These rule-based and data-driven processes are designed to help end users achieve better productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Today, they are increasingly being used in back-office processes, workflow processes, support processes, and IT management. The global IT robotic automation market is expected to witness a phenomenal rise in the coming years as the awareness about adopting these services and solutions grows amongst end-user industries.

Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Drivers and Trends

The IT industry has been embracing robotic automation and incorporating it in several processes to achieve flexibility, scalability, and efficiency along with cost reduction and improved productivity. These benefits have led to adoption of robotic automation in areas of infrastructure management and BPO management. Industries across the globe are accepting robotic automation as it reduces the burden of training and managing human resource, thereby leaving them to perform innovative tasks.

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The banking and finance sector are expected to steadily adopt IT robotic automation in the coming years to bring about improvement in the services they offer. These sectors are predominantly adopting IT robotic automation to enhance their processes such as payment processing, task allocation, invoicing, query handling, compliance, and data integration. Furthermore, the shift from manual management to automated processes has allowed error-free operations, thereby improving efficiency.

Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Market Potential

Pegasystems, an America-based software company, announced the launch of new artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation solutions that will be integrated in its customer relationship management (CRM) offerings. This technological development is projected to improve sales for the company and ensure better customer service through machine learning and desktop analytics. The new layer of intelligence is projected to help the company find opportunities of improvement through understanding processes, people, and technology and their collectively impact on the business. The amalgamation of workforce intelligence and CRM will effectively deliver better employee engagement in the near future.

Such innovations in the field of IT robotic automation are expected to solve organization inefficiencies and deliver tangible results in the near future. Thus, developing solutions and tools that offer customized answers to clients will help the players win a competitive edge over others.

Global IT Robotic Automation Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, the global IT robotic automation market is segmented into the Middle East and Africa, North America, Europe, and South America. North America dominates the global market due to early adoption of IT robotic automation in the region. The rapid pace of development in computing technologies is expected to be the primary cause for the terrific rise of the North America IT robotic automation market. Furthermore, the emergence of the IT sector is also expected to support the growth of the automaton services in the region in the coming few years.

Analysts estimate that Asia Pacific will also offer lucrative opportunities to the global IT robotic automation market. Technologically advanced nations such as China and Japan are expected to leverage the IT robotic automation market in the region in the near future. Furthermore, increasing investments in developing infrastructure in countries such India are expected to provide a major boost to the IT robotic automation market in Asia Pacific

IT Robotic Automation Boosts Productivity & Accuracy in IT Companies

San Francisco, CA, May 03, 2017: TMR Research in its latest report, deals with an extensive overview of the global IT robotic automation market. The report is titled “Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024.” According to the report, robotic automation is being increasingly used in back office, support, and workflow processes, which is driving this market. Robotic automation has in fact become an essential part of key business processes and are also being used for IT management. Thus, the global IT robotic automation market is slated to witness a phenomenal rise in the coming years as there is a heightened awareness among end user industries about the various advantages of using them. Robotic automation is helping end users achieve higher efficiency, enhanced productivity, and high level of accuracy.

The IT industry is incorporating IT robotic automation in several of its processes so as to achieve cost reduction, enhanced productivity, efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. After witnessing the benefits of adopting IT robotic automation in the IT industry, they are now being adopted for use in other areas such as BPO and infrastructure management, driving the growth of the market. In fact, robotic automation is being used across industries to eliminate the burden of training workers and managing human resources. This is saving precious time of organizations, thereby leaving them with ample time to invest in the more important and innovative tasks and activities.

The banking sector is also projected to contribute to the growth of this market by adopting IT robotic automation for improving the services which they offer their customers. Payment processing, compliance, query handling, invoice management, task allocation, and data integration are some of the tasks which are handled by robotic automation in the banking sectors. This shift from manual management to automated process management has resulted in an error-free operating of banks and is improving their efficiency.

It is expected that North America will continue to lead in the IT robotic automation industry on account of the rapid pace at which the region makes use of latest technology. Asia Pacific is also projected to witness a high growth in the market and offer growth opportunities for market players of the IT robotic automation industry. It is expected that the technologically advanced nations in the region such as Japan and China will turn out to be the most significant contributors to the market in the coming years. Moreover, India is witnessing a significant rise in its infrastructure development sector, which is estimated to create potential for growth in the IT robotic automation market in Asia Pacific.