New Feature with Easier Ways to Show Off and Hide Stories on Instagram

Although Instagram may face a neck-and-neck social media war with close competitors such as Snapchat and WhatsApp, it has been continuously making efforts to outclass other players with new features. One such feature is Stories which was introduced just last year, but has been raking in a boatload of attention from social media users. The Instagram face filters resembling to Snapchat’s are a fine example of how well the Stories feature is doing in the recent time. Last Tuesday, Instagram revealed to its users two ways to search for their favorite stories, and also how to hide them.

Location and Hashtag Stories Just Added More Fun!

Instagram users could simply update their app to browse location and hashtag-based stories right at the top of the Explore tab and next to the Top Live story ring. For instance, if a user location shows New York City, New York, Instagram will produce a story ring for New York City at the top of the feed. The location story ring will have a small location pin to indicate that it contains stories based on the user location. Users could also find location-based story rings when searching for a particular location. However, they will not show up for all locations. For Location Stories to show up for other users to view, it is necessary to use location tags.

Instagram users are also advised to use appropriate hashtags for other users to view their Stories based on hashtags. Hashtag search results show up hashtag Stories that bear story rings just as those of location-based Stories. The difference? Some hashtag-based story rings will have the hashtag searched for and a hashtag symbol instead of location pin.

Public Accounts can Hide Stories for Public Viewing

After using location or hashtag stickers in their Stories, Instagram users will find them included in larger story assortments based on the sticker used. Instagram shares Stories of only those accounts that are set on Public. However, public accounts could still opt out their Stories by simply tapping the ‘X’ sign for the item on the viewer list it has been added to by Instagram and then tap Hide. Users can do this by opening the story and swiping up to locate the viewer list. The view count of their story as part of the larger story collection it has been added to could also be determined with the new Stories feature.