Growing Air Pollution Promises New Opportunity for Growth

Recently, Delhi government announced a complete shutdown of schools and colleges for a month, due to critical levels of danger due to air pollution. According to a court ruling in Delhi, the air pollution had reached such critical levels that inhabitants of the city were no longer safe in their homes either. According to news reports, manufacturers of air-purifiers and similar products are witnessing a near 100% increase in demand in the city as compared to last year. This has resulted in diversification of demands as not only home-based products like air purifiers are rising in demand, but also masks to prevent pollution outdoors. While the city continues to battle to find holistic solutions to curb air pollution, all manufacturers of air filtration products are reporting major growth. Holistic solutions to clean air outdoors also promise significant opportunities for growth for players in the air filtration market.

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Industrial Air Filtration Market Promises Robust Growth

New guidelines by OSHA are expected to drive robust growth for the air filtration market. New report by OSHA outline that indoor air quality in schools, offices, and for the safety of inhabitants remain a major concern. The air quality effects comfort, health, and productivity of workers and businesses alike. Additionally, hazardous working condition can lead to significant liabilities as monitoring mechanisms are becoming increasingly adapt at identifying threats and growing challenges in air quality continue to present new opportunities. Major industries like manufacturing, logistics, and recycling are expected to drive significant growth as air quality remains a core concern in this area. Moreover, advent of products like air purifiers, cleaners, and new range of filtration techniques are expected to create new opportunities for growth for players in the air filtration market in the near future.

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Polluted Air Helps the Industrial Air Filtration Market Soar Wings

The global industrial air filtration market is expected to register a robust growth in the near future. There is a growing demand for air pollution control technology, which are growing in use across-industries. Rising regulations and growing availability of air-pollution methods are expected to provide a major impetus to growth in the industrial air pollution market.

Additionally, favorable regulatory environment is expected to help the air filtration market propel growth. Governments around the world including the EU, US, China, India have set important goals to achieve clean air and minimize pollution. This is driving many industries to adopt air filtration technology. For example, the auto industry would be required to fuel efficiency and reduce emission by almost half by 2020. The auto industry has responded to this change with technology available in the of industrial air filtration market.

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Regents Prove to be a Boon for the Air Filtration Market

Regents are commonly used substances in chemical reaction for analysis. These come in the form of mixtures as well and also used for causing other industrial reactions. Advanced technology in the air filtration market is making way for new opportunities in reagent use. This technology is enabling the development inhibited oxidation which leads to low cost, more effectiveness, and increased lifecycle for reagents. Moreover, by adding sulfur to the reagent feed tank, industrial sector can also use less expensive materials due to reduction in corrosion.

These advantages are driving the deployment of air filtration systems across main industries including cement, food, power, pharmaceuticals, and metal. However, the industrial air filtration maker also faces uncertainties and challenges to growth. Currently, the major ones include high costs and advanced filtration equipment. Additionally, purification of substances also proves to be a challenge as it presents higher maintenance costs and additional intake of energy.

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Industrial Air Filtration Market Projected to Hamper the Growth by 2025

Global Industrial Air Filtration Market: Snapshot

Occupational safety norms and policies regulating the quality of indoor air in various commercial and industrial buildings have led to the evolution of industrial air filtration market. There is a growing concerns of mitigating the effects of pollutants in ambient air in order to ensure a healthful working conditions in numerous industries such as logistics and recycling. This has led to accelerating demand for industrial air filtration technologies in various areas such as warehouses and manufacturing units in several developing and developed nations. The demand is significant from food and beverage production facilities and metal processing and metal working units. Air filtration systems mainly includes air purifiers and air cleaners with a range of filtration technologies. They protect people, processes, and machines by removing dust and harmful particles from the indoors and workspaces.

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In most cases, industrial filtration units are implement the already existing ventilation system among end users. As a result, their adoption across industries give save the energy costs of buildings, make production processes more efficient and ensure a healthier environment. Recent technological advancements in the filtration technology have led to major innovations in air filtration systems. This continues to expand the application areas of industrial filtration technology. Recent design enhancements have also helped manufacturers develop filtration units with ergonomic designs, ease of mounting, and meet regional industrial standards on occupational air quality. Stringent regulations exist in nations for regulating the air quality in a variety of food environments. This includes avoiding dirt and various types of bacteria that can contaminate food products.

Global Industrial Air Filtration Market: Overview

The economic development of a country can be determined by its industrial growth. There is massive industrialization taking place all across the world and it is essential to keep a watch on the quality of air, both inside and outside a unit. Measures are already being taken to curb the quality of outside air; industrial air filtration comes into play for inside air quality. To improve the quality of air indoors, industrial air filtration offers an effective way to control contaminants by reducing their concentration to an acceptable level.

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The global industrial air filtration market can be categorized on the basis of industry into power generation, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, metals and mining, and oil and gas. On the basis of product, the global industrial air filtration market can be segmented into mist collectors, dust collectors, cartridge collectors and filters, hepa filters, and baghouse filters. The market can be further segmented on the basis of application to include food, power, metal, cement, pharmaceuticals, and others.

In the report, an in-depth analysis of market segments and competitive landscape has been presented. The report also provides drivers and restraints of the global industrial air filtration market. It also profiles key players in the market based on various attributes such as business strategies, company overview, financial overview, and recent developments.

Global Industrial Air Filtration Market: Key Trends

The global industrial air filtration market is growing due to various factors, such as environmental awareness, demand for high-performing, energy-efficient products, and rapid industrialization. In addition, an effective industrial air filtration system assists in saving energy and improving overall system reliability and manufacturing processes, thereby opening more avenues for market growth. On the contrary, low sales of new systems, absence of attractive business opportunities, and economic recession in a number of end-user markets are a few of the factors limiting the growth of the global industrial air filtration market.

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The manufacturing industry is the key contributor to the industrial air filtration market and is projected to account for a major share in the given period. Demand for high quality products from consumers, strict environmental laws to curb air pollution, and growing concern regarding global warming are some of the factors increasing the demand for industrial air filtration, thereby positively impacting the market growth.

Electricals, electronics, and equipment manufacturing industries are known to widely use air filtration as they require a dust-free environment. Also, strict government regulations to manage the injurious contaminants released in industrial smoke will likely drive the air filtration market.

The demand for liquid filtration is observed to be more than dry filtration and this segment is estimated to hold a large market share in the years to come. Several industries are highly dependent on water such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, power generation, food and beverage, and oil and gas, thus giving impetus to the liquid filtration segment.

Global Industrial Air Filtration Market: Regional Analysis

Geographically, the market can be segmented into North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Europe is likely to account for a large market share and will continue to do so in the said period. In Europe, the food industry is very vast and due to the presence of several small-scale businesses, the market is expected to grow further.

Due to new environmental policies and rise in the number of manufacturing, healthcare, power generation, and oil and gas industries, the market of Asia Pacific is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period.

Global Industrial Air Filtration Market: Key Players

Some of the prominent players in the global industrial air filtration market are Alfa Laval, Clarcor Inc., Mann + Hummel GmbH, Donaldson Company, Inc., and Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Strict Environmental Policies Push Adoption of Industrial Air Filters

San Francisco, California, October 18, 2017: A recent market research report by TMR Research covers the global market for industrial air filtration. The report is titled “Industrial Air Filtration Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017–2025.” The report states that increased focus on the earnest adherence to occupational safety norms is encouraging the increased adoption of methods capable of regulating the quality of indoor air in industrial as well as commercial buildings. This is one of the key factors to have led to the steady expansion of the global industrial air filtration market in the recent years.

In industrialized countries in developed as well as developing regions, serious attempts are being made to mitigate the impact of pollutants in ambient air in industrial environments, especially associated with sectors such as recycling and logistics. The trend has led to a significant rise in the global demand for industrial air filtration systems, solutions, tools, and technologies in the recent years. Demand has been massive from metal working, metal processing, and food and beverages product units.

The report categorizes the global industrial air filtration market into segments based on criteria such as end-use industry, product, and application to present a detailed overview of the market. On the basis of industry, the market has been segmented into metals and mining, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, power generation, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Of these, the manufacturing sector is presently the key contributor of revenue to the overall market and is likely to remain so over the report’s forecast period as well. Based on product variety, the market can been segmented into dust collectors, mist collectors, baghouse filters, hepa filters, and cartridge collectors and filters.

From a geographical standpoint, the report analyzes the industrial air filtration market across regions such as Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, and Asia Pacific. Of these, the market in Europe is presently the most promising one owing to the well-established and steadily expanding food industry and the presence of a large number of small-scale businesses that are required to adhere to the stringent occupational safety regulations.

While these factors will continue to help Europe keep a tight hold on the global industrial air filtration market over the report’s forecast period as well, Asia Pacific will likely lead to the most promising growth opportunities to the industrial air filtration market in the near future. The market in Asia Pacific will benefit from a significant expansion of the industrial sector and an increased number of healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and processing, and power generation facilities in the region in the recent years. Stringent environmental policies will compel industries to adopt air filtration solutions at an encouraging pace.

The report presents a thorough analysis of the key segments of the market and its vendor landscape. The competitive overview of the market is also presented in great details. The report profiles some of the leading vendors in the industrial air filtration market, providing key details regarding their recent activities, finances, product portfolio, and stature in the overall market, and also includes details in general pertaining to the various developments the market has seen in the recent years. Some of the leading companies operating in the global industrial air filtration market are Mann + Hummel GmbH, Alfa Laval, Clarcor Inc., Parker Hannifin Corporation, and Donaldson Company, Inc.

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