Advances in Transfusion Medicine Bellwether for Lucrative Strides in Immunohematology

The growing focus of the quality of safety of blood products, especially in pre-transfusion, has helped the immunohematology market grow substantially over the past few years. Large strides in the market have been enabled as well as accelerated by advancing biology of blood transfusion. Further, advances in transplant biology are opening new avenues in the immunohematology market. Developed as well developing regions have been continuously adopting automation in their testing techniques.

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Advances in Hemagglutination Spur Deployment of Automated Equipment

Major equipment manufacturers in the immunohematology market world over have garnered sizable opportunities due to adoption of automated equipment in immunohematology in developing economies. In general, the growing trend of automation has spurred new avenues in the market. In this regard, advances in hemagglutination techniques have helped supplement the strides. Techniques such as column agglutination methods and magnetized erythrocyte technology have paved way to faster deployment of automation solutions.

Strides made in laboratory technologies and their use in transfusion medicine are bellwether for new avenues in the immunohematology market. Both laboratory centered services and patient care services have seen new developments. Adoption of new anticoagulant preservative solutions have further expanded the horizon for players in the market.

Multiple Antigen/Antibody Testing Platforms Expand Horizons

The immunohematology market has made major strides on the back of service providers adopting advanced molecular blood grouping. These techniques have helped overcome the limitations of serology that a few transfused patients who have undergone transfusion in recent years. Advent of high throughput technologies such as microarrays and mass spectrometry have helped blood banks meet new patients’ requirements. Moreover, multiple antigen/antibody testing platforms are poised to expand the horizon of transfusion medicine in the immunohematology market globally. Further, growing testing for transfusion transmitted infections has helped catalyze revenues in the market.

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However, there still remains a few challenging areas for blood banks and proponents of transfusion medicine. One such area is maintaining rare donor registries. Technological advancements in apheresis are also instrumental in broadening the outlook of the market.