Addressing Security Threat to be Prime Capitalizing Aspect

San Francisco, California, May 29, 2017: Strong accentuation of compliance management and mushrooming mobility trend to provide the global identity and access management market with colossal opportunities, finds TMR Research in a research report. The report is titled, “Identity and Access Management Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

Identity and access management refers to a security discipline and also a particular framework that includes and supports the technology needed for managing electronic identities. It has become imperative for institutions and organizations to have vigilance over their systems and protect user for addressing risks and fortifying amenability. Identity and access management solutions can be put to use for safeguarding mobile, cloud, and social access, clarify cloud integration, determine silos, avoid advanced internal threats, and implement actionable identity intelligence.

Vendors operating in the global identity and access management market are likely to benefit from the trend of bring your own device or BYOD, which is poised to propel the deployment of mobile applications. Furthermore, employees at present are allowed to use their personal devices form different locations for professional work. This has increased the number of cyber threats that a company might be exposed to and has also resulted in changing scenarios due to disturbed IT environments. Thus, to control such circumstances, identity and access management is implemented.

However, though minimally, the global identity and access management market could be affected owing to the lack of awareness regarding concerns and solutions regarding the security of consumer information and data. It can be addressed if organizations start educating consumers on information theft and security. Countries in the Asia Pacific region are capitalizing their time and wealth in contributing and funding to local initiatives which hold a relation with the digital realm. The outcome is anticipated to be in the form of a progress that the regional identity and access management market could gain from.

The leading regions of the identity and access management market are intended to take benefit of by the compliance, audit, and governance constituent and the robust progress of advanced authentication. Advanced authentication, in precise, is envisioned to gain prominence as most organizations are likely to become vigilant regarding sensitive information theft and data breaches. The companies operating in the market are Hitachi ID Systems, Inc., Oracle Corporation, CA Technologies, Microsoft Corporation, Dell EMC, and NetIQ Corporation.