Hyperloop One Gearing to Test Airlocks for Pod Entry and Exit

Hyperloop One is geared to take up new challenges after celebrating record achievements with regards to its Phase 2 tests on the Nevada DevLoop track.

Considering achievement Hyperloop One showcased in the recent past, media worldwide was curious to know about the company’s plans in the forthcoming years. Media is interested to know about future technical testing and the company’s plan from a business perspective alike. As per reports, the company is planning its next step for the testing facility, besides incrementally increasing the speed until it reaches the top attainable velocity of 250 mph on the current test track, which has a length of 1620 feet. Hyperloop Obe is also focusing on building an advanced airlock system, which will allow loading of cargo and passengers to be loaded on to.

Identified Airlock to be Next Big Step for HyperloopOne

In a recent interview, the company’s CEO Rob Lloyd expressed their plans of beginning to install airlock technologies to have an entry as well as an exit way of loading pods, which will then communicate information to station design and others parts of the system. So Lloyd identified airlock as the next big step by Hyperloop One, besides indicating the plans of further developing a few of the core techs.

Furthermore, the technical testing could cover a DevLoop test track extension. However, Lloyd also said that he was unsure if Hyperloop One will focus on ending construction of the extension. According to the team, an additional 2,000 meters of track is required for the pod to reach the max theoretical speed of 700 mph.

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