Hydrogen Generation Market Witness Demand from Oil Industry to Reduce the Sulfur Content in Diesel

Rising pollution level along and stringent government regulations to minimize and control the sulfur content in fuels are pushing demand for clean and green fuel. These factors are anticipated to drive hydrogen generation market in coming years.

Hydrogen is considered as clean fuel and tend to cause no pollution. Hence, it is being widely employed in various industrial sectors. These factors are, conjointly, pushing demand for hydrogen.

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Renewable Source Preferred over Non-Renewable For Hydrogen Generation

Hydrogen can be produced from both non-renewable and renewable sources of energy. It can be generated using coal and natural gas. However, due to environmental crisis, renewable sources are being preferred. Renewable sources include solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, geothermal power, and hydroelectric power.

Lately, a four-year project is sponsored by research organizations N. ERGHY, Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program, and Hydrogen Europe (an industrial association) aims at hydrogen generation using solar energy, which is suitable for industrial purpose.

The project will involve development of a prototype in an area of 10 sq. meters. The prototype will convert around 6.0% of the incident solar energy into hydrogen. Cost of hydrogen, thus, produced, will be lesser than that of market value.

At present, hydrogen is procured from natural gas. Steam methane reformers uses natural for the production of hydrogen. Meanwhile, companies are also adopting new technologies such as pyrolysis and electrolytic technologies for generation of hydrogen.

In recent years, demand for diesel is increasing for both domestic and industrial application. Diesel contains high sulfur content, and hence, demand for hydrogen is rising to reduce the level of sulfur.

Widening application range of hydrogen is likely to augment growth of hydrogen generation market in coming years.

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Some of the key companies operating in the global hydrogen generation market are Showa Denko K.K., Caloric Analgenbau GmbH, Nuvera Fuel Cells, Xebec Adsorption Inc., Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, Praxair technology Inc., Messer Group GmbH, and Iwatani Corporation.