Expansion of Human Population to Fuel Market Growth

San Francisco, California, January 15, 2018: A report by TMR Research bearing the title, “Human microbiome Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” delves into the current and future scenario of the market for human microbiome. Human microbiome refers to trillions of microorganisms that are living inside and around human body. Fungi, protozoa, and bacteria comprise these microorganisms. These microbiomes display some sort of mutualistic relationship and the same have, as such, evolved with their hosts. Through many innovative studies, researchers have obtained an understanding of the of the crucial role that the said microorganisms play in order to maintain the vitamin synthesis, neurological system, digestive system, and immune system of a human body.

The market for human microbiome is expected to witness growth due to the increasing awareness about the benefits that can be extracted from those microbiomes. As such, it is further anticipated that the world market for human microbiome is prophesized to gain vast traction over the period of forecast. Therapies that are based on human microbiome are made available in various forms, such as diagnostic devices, medical foods, prebiotics, foods, supplements, probiotics, and drugs.

There has been an expansion in the base of patients who suffer from various diseases, such autoimmune disorders, chronic illness like cancer, diabetes, and obesity. More and more people are also suffering from lifestyle diseases which in turn are stimulating the said market. There has been an increasing inclination towards the utilization of therapies that are based on human microbiome for the treatment of such diseases. In addition, such therapies are increasingly being put to use in development of drug, diagnosis, and early detection of disease. Rapid progress in the life science field and expanding base of geriatric population are further bolstering the demand of human microbiome.
However, there are quite a few factors that restrain the growth of the said market. Absence of technical expertise and comprehensive research is curbing market growth. In addition, strict regulations related to the approval of therapies that are based on human microbiome are framed by the government are posing major challenge to the market for human microbiome.

When taking regional segments into consideration, Europe and North America is prophesized to lead the market for human microbiomes over the forecast timeframe that extends from the year 2017 to 2025. The rapidly expanding base of world geriatric population together with soaring prevalence of occurrences of autoimmune disorders and lifestyle diseases are some of the major factors that have been stimulating regional growth. Furthermore, the widespread availability of topnotch research infrastructure for microbiological and biotechnological fields is facilitating and accelerating the uptake of probiotics and prebiotics. Whilst the U.S. in North America is estimated to be spearheading the market growth, in Europe, countries like Germany, France and Spain could be the primary contributors of revenue.

It has also been forecasted that the region of Asia Pacific could also be a lucrative one. This is due to the growing private and government investments for the purpose of research and development in the life science field. The better and enhanced research infrastructure in many of the emerging countries is further making an offer of substantial boost for the development of the market in the Asia Pacific region. It is estimated that China and India could be the countries that would register high rate of growth over the years to come.
The eminent names that adorn the market for human microbiomes are Metabiomics Corporation, ViThera Pharmaceuticals, Vedanta BioSciences, DuPont, Yakult, Osel, MicroBiome Therapeutics LLC, Merck and Enterome Bioscience. These leading companies are emphasizing and working on the aspect of research and development so as to obtain upperhand in the said market.

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