Mind Upload – A Technology to Map Human Brain on Computers

Human brain’s ability to remember, recall, process information has made humanity greater among all species. And yet, enormous mysteries remain to the functioning of brain and currently, billions of dollars of investments are being made on technologies that pertain to scanning and cell-specific emulations.

In the recent times, quite a few breakthrough have been made in the field. For instance, modelling of the nervous system within a Lego robot that is able to autonomously move and avoid obstacles and the creation of functional digital copies of a portion of somatosensory cortex of rat’s brain.

Another recent such advent has been of Mind Upload, a concept developed by a group of researchers at the University of Helsinki. The innovation is aimed at creating functional copies of human brain on computer systems and pave way for science fiction enthusiasts to expressing more positive outlook towards technology. If the researchers are to be believed, Mind Upload a pave way to stronger exposure to technology for the people who are inclined towards science fiction.

The technology is aiming to a boon for the fields of robotics and machine learning. According to the lead researcher, Michael Laakasuo, there are very few funding that are relating to the moral psychology of artificial intelligence and robotics, and this hazy picture needs to be cleared. The first sub-project of the technology was made in the U.S. and the data revealed that men were more approving to the technology than women, which can be attributed to their frequent interest in science fiction.