Indigenous Ingredients to Augment Sustainability in Food Industry

Sustainability is the secret sauce to every business and how can food industry be left behind in relishing this sustainability sauce?

While every sector is going sustainable, so is the food industry embracing the sustainability ingredient to thrive in the business.

The players in the food and beverages industry are levelling up and taking up innovative steps to embrace sustainable to remain relevant in the market.

The sustainable food does not stop at agricultural level, it goes way beyond such as packaging, food processing, etc.

Here are the four ways the food industry is embracing sustainability-

Indigenous Ingredients-

Those in the food businesses must have the idea of mindful food choices, so the sustainability factor starts from picking up raw materials for the food or food processing. Consumers are getting more aware of the organic and natural food choices due to health taking up top priority in their lives, thus they are always on the lookout for such organic options. Therefore, the companies should source local ingredients, especially the seasonal.

Green Packaging-  

Food packaging is one of the crucial parts and a source for waste and pollution. As per the research, over 78 million of plastic packaging waste is produced yearly and only 14% of them gets recycled, thus resulting in land fill. With the rising awareness and stringent government regulations the food companies are switching to wood and paper-based packaging. Even the wood and paper come from the sustainably maintained forests and such packaging are biodegradable.  Some of the companies are involved in coming up with coming up with innovative packaging options from seaweed, crops, corn starch, etc.

Plant Based Food and Food Sources-

In the meat industry, there is beyond what meets the eye and the factory animal farming is a controversial or debatable. The consumers are turning vegetarian or vegan and prefer more plant-based food and food products, not just for the environmental reasons, but also for health reasons.

Less Food Waste-

The food and beverage companies are taking the leap to reduce the food waste and switching to innovative ways to keep the food waste to minimal. For instance- An Ice creamery in Cleveland sources the food waste from a local brewery to apply in various ice cream flavors. Many companies are coming up such creatives way to keep the food waste at bay and embrace sustainability in the food industry.

Certification of Sustainability

If the food companies are following the protocol and standards of sustainability in day today operations, they must acquire the certification of sustainability to gain the consumers trust and penetrate into the market. The certification process involves auditing and training from the local or civic body for the food and beverage industry.

This certificate will serve the companies with the honor of making a social impact and reducing the harmful effects on environment by embracing sustainability in their food businesses.

Actions to make food industry embrace sustainbility is a big step forward and factor driving the growth opportunities in the future.